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An­other way to max­i­mize your ex­er­cise time is to per­form re­sis­tance train­ing ex­er­cises very slowly. Ad­vo­cates of the slow method cite that a com­plete work­out that in­cludes up­per and lower body as well as core can be com­pleted in just 20 min­utes. The ba­sic idea is to ex­haust the mus­cle un­til it fails, and to do so in a short pe­riod of time. In the Su­per Slow pro­to­col, the se­quence is lift for 10 sec­onds, lower for 10 sec­onds, and smoothly con­tinue to the next rep­e­ti­tion with­out rest. The method can be done with any kind of re­sis­tance train­ing de­vices, such as dumb­bells, tub­ing, or ma­chines. But the safest way to get started is with ma­chines be­cause they of­fer more sup­port and more even distri­bu­tion of weight com­pared to free weights.

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