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If you find your­self crav­ing high-calo­rie foods, lack of sleep may be the cul­prit. Doc­tors used mag­netic res­o­nance imag­ing to mea­sure the brain ac­tiv­ity of 12 well-fed but sleep­de­prived peo­ple as they looked at images of hig­h­and low-calo­rie foods. Af­ter a 700-calo­rie din­ner and then an evening of no sleep, the peo­ple re­acted to the high-calo­rie images with high lev­els of ac­tiv­ity in the brain area that con­trols ap­petite sen­sa­tion. When the mem­bers viewed the same images af­ter a meal and seven hours’ sleep, they found all the images far less ap­pe­tiz­ing, re­act­ing with less brain ac­tiv­ity – demon­strat­ing how poor sleep habits may af­fect weight.

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