Stop Germ At­tack!

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Germs eas­ily spread though the medium of air, like af­ter sneez­ing and cough­ing. They can also pass through sweat, blood, per­sonal con­tact like hand shake with an in­fected per­son, defe­cat­ing in open spa­ces, touch­ing con­tam­i­nated food or drink­ing un­clean water. Here’s what par­ents can do to stop their kids from get­ting a germ at­tack... Germs fear soap and water the most. Par­ents should en­sure kids wash their hands well to pre­vent th­ese war­riors from en­ter­ing their kids’ bod­ies. Avoid get­ting your kids in di­rect con­tact with pets and an­i­mals. An­i­mal fur some­times con­tain mag­gots which are very harm­ful. Wash the child’s hand im­me­di­ately when he touches pets or an­i­mals. Avoid tag­ging kids along when you visit a sick pa­tient. Your child might im­me­di­ately con­tract the dis­ease. In­stil the habit of cov­er­ing mouth and nose while sneez­ing or cough­ing, or cough­ing in the el­bow. This will pre­vent spread­ing of germs. The best weapon to com­bat th­ese al­ler­gens is a reg­u­lar visit to the doc­tor’s clinic. Rou­tine im­mu­niza­tions will help strengthen the im­mune sys­tem. Feed your child with healthy food and en­sure he gets good sleep.

Kids usu­ally have the habit of shar­ing meals and uten­sils. Re­frain your tod­dler from shar­ing uten­sils. En­sure you reg­u­larly wash bed­sheets, pil­low cov­ers, cur­tains, car­pets and stuffed toys. Th­ese are the main sur­faces on which germs thrive. Keep­ing your house clean and tidy is the best way to be germ-free. Keep your bath­rooms clean and hy­gienic. Germs usu­ally live on toi­let seats. En­sure you clean your WC reg­u­larly. Keep re­plac­ing your bath­room util­i­ties like tow­els. Mon­soon is the time when your child is more prone to fall­ing sick and fall­ing prey to vi­ral in­fec­tion. Mosquitos breed in water pud­dles formed due to rains and can cause malaria and dengue. En­sure your kids wash their feet and hands ev­ery time they get back home af­ter play. Dur­ing win­ter, cold and cough is un­pre­ventable. En­sure your child does not get in touch with a per­son down with cold.

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