The down­side of too much sit­ting

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Stand­ing up more through­out the day may help you dodge heart dis­ease and live longer. Fol­low­ing are four ways to spend less time sit­ting. The key is to make th­ese things habits that you do with­out think­ing about them, like brush­ing your teeth. SET A TIMER. Set the alarm on your smart­phone or com­puter, or get a reg­u­lar kitchen timer and set it to go off ev­ery 30 to 60 min­utes dur­ing the day when you tend to sit for long pe­ri­ods of time. PACE DUR­ING PHONE CALLS. When­ever you’re on the phone, stand up. Try to walk back and forth or in cir­cles while you talk. TURN COM­MER­CIAL BREAKS INTO WORK­OUT BREAKS. Use the two- or three-minute com­mer­cial breaks while you are watch­ing TV to stand up. March in place, swing your arms, or do some squats or leg lifts. TAKE THE LONG WAY. When­ever you drive some­where, park in a spot far­ther from the door to get in some ex­tra steps.

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