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Out of the 36 kinds of can­cer eval­u­ated, re­searchers have found strong ev­i­dence for a link to obe­sity for 11 – in the colon, rec­tum, bil­iary tract (liver and gall­blad­der), pan­creas, breast, en­dometrium (uter­ine lin­ing), ovary, kid­ney, and the gas­tric car­dia (the junc­tion of the esoph­a­gus and stom­ach); a cer­tain type of esophageal can­cer (ade­no­car­ci­noma); and one type of bone mar­row can­cer (mul­ti­ple myeloma). Make sure you’re do­ing at least 150 min­utes per week of mod­er­ate-in­ten­sity ac­tiv­ity such as brisk walk­ing, as obe­sity is a can­cer risk fac­tor that can be mod­i­fied through ex­er­cise and diet.

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