Ac­tor Ajaz Khan speaks about his amaz­ing body trans­for­ma­tion!


Fit­ness Funda:

Sylvester Stal­lone has al­ways been my idol. I was al­ways into health but I wanted to push my body be­yond my limit as an ac­tion hero. I started work­ing on my body harder for my up­com­ing movie ‘La­keer Ka Fa­keer’ se­quel and a South In­dian movie.

Work­out Rou­tine:

I do weight train­ing ev­ery day. I wake up in the morn­ing and do 45 min­utes of car­dio on empty stom­ach and then have my break­fast. In the evening, I work out for one-and-ahalf hour with 30 rep­e­ti­tions of each work­out and with vari­a­tions for each body part. Apart from reg­u­lar gym­ming, I try to do other work­outs as well – like cy­cling or beach run­ning. I do MMA twice a week as I love mar­tial arts. I feel it is im­por­tant to en­joy your work­out rou­tine and hence chang­ing fit­ness rou­tines is nec­es­sary.


For about five to six days in a week, I am on a strict diet with my diet com­pris­ing high pro­tein, less fat and low carbs. I also make sure I take all my mul­ti­vi­ta­min sup­ple­ments along with my pro­tein shakes twice a day. Break­fast: Oat­meal with blue­berry and kiwi, six egg whites with one brown bread. Lunch: Chicken and veg­gies with brown rice. Din­ner: Fish or chicken with veg­eta­bles. Mid­night: Ap­ple or pro­tein shake. Cheat meal: Chicken or beef burgers, piz­zas and ice creams.

Fight­ing men­tal stress:

To re­lease my men­tal stress, I ei­ther do an in­tense work­out, watch movie or spend qual­ity time with my wife and son by tak­ing them out for din­ner.

Guide for new be­gin­ners:

Ev­ery­thing comes in time. You don’t gain mus­cles overnight. Go slow and steady, as mus­cle-build­ing is all about ma­tu­rity, in­ten­sity and pa­tience. Don’t try to push your body be­yond y y your ca­pa­bil­i­ties p and harm your­self.

Go slow and steady, as mus­cle-build­ing is all about ma­tu­rity, in­ten­sity and pa­tience.

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