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The re­sults of my re­cent stress test in­di­cate that I may have block­ages in my coro­nary ar­ter­ies. How­ever, when I fol­lowed up with a car­diac catheter­i­za­tion, my ar­ter­ies looked clear. How can that be? Pramod Iyer, Vel­lore The stress test is not a con­clu­sive test in terms of de­tect­ing block­ages. I would pre­sume that you had a pos­i­tive stress test and hence you un­der­went a coro­nary an­giogram. In nor­mal, asymp­to­matic, healthy pop­u­la­tion, rou­tine stress test­ing can also throw up a false pos­i­tive re­sult which does not nec­es­sar­ily mean that you have block­ages in the ar­ter­ies. The rea­son for the stress test be­ing pos­i­tive can be var­i­ous rang­ing from a purely false pos­i­tive stress test to hav­ing block­ages in smaller ves­sels or the end ves­sels which may not be de­tected by a coro­nary an­giogram. If you are asymp­to­matic, I would say that you ig­nore the stress test and carry on with your nor­mal life. If you do have any pain or breath­less­ness on ex­er­tion, it may be worth­while do­ing a my­ocar­dial stress per­fu­sion imag­ing which can tell us the ar­eas of mi­cro vas­cu­lar (small ves­sels) is­chemia. If the an­giog­ra­phy is nor­mal, the pos­si­bil­ity for you hav­ing a car­diac event in the near fu­ture is very re­mote.

Dr Ajit R Menon, In­ter­ven­tional Car­di­ol­o­gist

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