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all fruits are good for you, but keep these cau­tions in mind:

Keep tabs on potas­sium While this nu­tri­ent plays an im­por­tant role in heart health, el­e­vated lev­els may harm the heart. Or­di­nar­ily, fruit doesn’t raise potas­sium lev­els too high. How­ever, there is a slight risk if you take drugs that in­crease potas­sium lev­els, such as ACE in­hibitors (like lisino­prill), and ARBs (like losar­tan), which treat high blood pres­sure. If you take any daily med­i­ca­tions, check the pa­tient in­for­ma­tion leaflet for pos­si­ble fruit and fruit juice in­ter­ac­tions. If you take war­farin (Coumadin) it’s im­por­tant to main­tain sta­ble vi­ta­min K lev­els, so be sure to fac­tor in vi­ta­min K-rich foods, such as ki­wis.

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