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Iam 46 years old, and have been get­ting my pe­ri­ods reg­u­larly till last month. This month, how­ever, it’s been on for 10 days. I went to a gyanec who said there’s a polyp in the uterus which needs to be op­er­ated upon. What ex­actly is this? And how can it be treated? She also pre­scribed Trapic MF for three days. Please ad­vice the way for­ward.

Shalini Ka­mat, Mumbai

As a woman grows older, the lin­ing of the uterus known as en­dometrium should grow thin­ner. A polyp is when this lin­ing grows thicker, form­ing a small grape-like growth. This can cause spot­ting and bleed­ing apart from the nor­mal pe­riod. This growth should be re­moved. A hys­teroscopy should be per­formed and then the polyp re­moved and a curet­tage per­formed. The ma­te­rial ob­tained should be then sent for histopathol­ogy to ex­am­ine the na­ture of the cells.

Dr Avan Dad­ina, Ob­stet­rics & Gy­nae­col­o­gist

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