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The lack of de­ter­mi­na­tion on the part of the gov­ern­ment to re­solve the is­sue of stub­ble burn­ing is piti­ful. It is an es­tab­lished fact that crop residue can be used as fod­der for cat­tle. The gov­ern­ment splurged Rs 35 crore on con­struct­ing 22 gausha­lals to re­ha­bil­i­tate cat­tle. How­ever, there is only 15% oc­cu­pancy in these cat­tle pounds due to non­avail­abil­ity of fod­der. Why is not stub­ble be­ing used as fod­der? The ne­glect by the gov­ern­ment and the gau sewa com­mis­sion has led to poor oc­cu­pancy of cat­tle pounds and non-re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion of 1.6 lakh cat­tle on the streets. Dr Soshil Rat­tan, Amritsar

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