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DON’T BE OVER AN­A­LYT­I­CAL: Peo­ple will tell you that mak­ing it big re­quires hard work, per­se­ver­ance, ded­i­ca­tion, and skill devel­op­ment but all you need is the love for it. It is like play­ing a video game – when you are to­tally into it, fo­cus­ing on one level at a time and lov­ing it, that’s when you’ll do your best.

DON’T DO IT FOR FAME OR MONEY: Ask your­self why you want to do it. I re­ally, ab­so­lutely love what I do. If your an­swer is fame or money, it is not go­ing to work. I come from a mid­dle-class fam­ily and there are things I couldn’t af­ford ear­lier. I thought it is the money that is keep­ing me from be­ing happy, but that is not the case. In this pro­fes­sion, if you make it to a cer­tain level, you will have money and fame. But if that is your mo­ti­va­tion, then what will you do next? You can’t get more fa­mous af­ter a point and then it be­comes a flat graph. It will then fail to make you happy. EN­JOY THE JOUR­NEY: Don’t con­cen­trate on ‘how to get there’, in­stead en­joy the get­ting there. I didn’t plan my ca­reer and I don’t think that now that I have a sea-fac­ing house in Ban­dra, I am in a more se­cure po­si­tion than I was in the 1RK apart­ment. There are too many vari­ables in the work­ing. I don’t ex­tend my time to fu­ture: it is the present, the now, that I am en­joy­ing.

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