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Get ex­per­i­men­tal with den­ims and choose a coloured pair to stand out. But en­sure you choose one which flat­ters your body type and which looks suit­able for the place you may be head­ing to, sug­gest ex­perts.

Wear the jeans that flat­ter your body type. Coloured jeans like nor­mal blue jeans come in var­i­ous fits - skinny, straight, reg­u­lar. Choose the one that suits your body type. Wear neu­tral colour top like white, grey if you are wear­ing bright coloured jeans.

If you are wear­ing a printed shirt or t-shirt, keep it lowkey and not too con­trast­ing with the colour of jeans. Do not dress in a sin­gle colour tone from top to bot­tom

Do not wash coloured jeans in hot wa­ter. Also turn them in­side out be­fore wash­ing in cold wa­ter to pre­serve colour and make it last longer.


Good fit: When buy­ing jeans, the first and most im­por­tant tip is to make a note of your waist size and trouser in­seam length. A good jeans should fit se­curely around your waist, while pro­vid­ing enough ease for you to move around eas­ily in. This is re­ally some­thing you will re­alise when you slip them on.

Colour: Colour plays a key role in this prod­uct and se­lect­ing the right colour is of most im­por­tance. What to pair it with, whether a shirt, polo tshirt or a ca­sual tee and what will be the oc­ca­sion - work/ of­fice, ca­sual and street, or any other oc­ca­sion are the ques­tions one needs to an­swer while look­ing for colour. While se­lect­ing the colour, one’s body type and what looks good should be given con­sid­er­a­tion.

Style: When you choose to buy a pair of coloured jeans, it isn’t just about fit, it is also about how the prod­uct looks and feels aes­thet­i­cally. De­sign and styling plays an im­por­tant role here. Clas­sics with min­i­mal de­tails are the best bet.

Qual­ity: To en­sure you don’t waste money, make sure you take a good look at the qual­ity of the jeans you are con­sid­er­ing to buy. Coloured den­ims some­times are not even when dye­ing. Check for any un­even and patchy dye stain. You want to look at the seams, pock­ets, zips and but­tons to make sure they are well made and will last a good few years.

Fly clo­sure: While try­ing a pair of jeans , one should al­ways check the fly clo­sure, if it is a zip­per or but­ton clo­sure. Zip­per is eas­ier to op­er­ate and has­sle-free while there are chances of its mal­func­tion. But­tons are more durable as fast­ners but are dif­fi­cult to close and open on fre­quent ba­sis. It is a per­sonal choice, and should be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion while pick­ing coloured jeans.

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