Work­ing moms take more pain about fam­ily mat­ters

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Think­ing about fam­ily mat­ters through­out the day is as­so­ci­ated with in­creased stress and neg­a­tive emo­tions in mothers more than dads, a new study has re­vealed.

Study author Shira Of­fer in the depart­ment of So­ci­ol­ogy and An­thro­pol­ogy at Bar-Ilan Univer­sity in Is­rael said that the rea­son be­hind such trend is that be­cause mothers bear the ma­jor re­spon­si­bil­ity for child­care and fam­ily life. When they think about fam­ily mat­ters, they tend to think about the less pleas­ant as­pects of it.

The study, which fo­cuses on men­tal labour, used a sub­sam­ple from the 500 Fam­ily Study, con­sist­ing of 402 mothers and 291 fa­thers in dual- earner fam­i­lies who com­pleted a sur­vey and a time diary that col­lects in­for­ma­tion about the con­tent and con­text of in­di­vid­u­als’ daily ex­pe­ri­ences, as well as the emo­tions as­so­ci­ated with them, in the course of a week.

Of­fer found that work­ing mothers en­gaged in men­tal labour in about one fourth, and work­ing fa­thers in one fifth, of their wak­ing time. This amounts to ap­prox­i­mately 29 and 24 hours per week of men­tal labour for moms and dads, re­spec­tively. Mothers and fa­thers both spent about 30% of the time they were en­gaged in men­tal labour think­ing about fam­ily mat­ters. As for why, en­gag­ing in fam­ilyspe­cific men­tal labour neg­a­tively af­fected the well­be­ing of mothers, but not fa­thers.

The sodium chlo­ride did not con­tam­i­nate or oth­er­wise af­fect the reaction, re­searchers said. Scal­ing re­ac­tions such as this up to larger com­mer­cial lev­els should be fea­si­ble, they said.

The study also cre­ated, for the first time with this process, nanoporous com­pos­ite ma­te­ri­als of sil­i­con and ger­ma­nium. Th­ese could have wide ap­pli­ca­tions in semi­con­duc­tors, ther­mo­elec­tric ma­te­ri­als and elec­tro­chem­i­cal en­ergy de­vices.

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