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Sci­en­tists have de­vel­oped a new tech­nol­ogy that can trace your lost items within sec­onds us­ing a spe­cial search engine on your smart­phone or com­puter.

The sys­tem, de­vel­oped by Ulm Univer­sity in Ger­many, takes only a few sec­onds to tell the user ex­actly which drawer their wallet is in, or where they left their car keys.

The gadget, called FindMyStuff, al­lows a user to type the name of what­ever they have lost into a Google-like page or app, ‘The Times’ re­ported. Ow­ing to a net­work of tiny sen­sors that have pre­vi­ously been placed on valu­ables, within fur­ni­ture and around the home, the app will re­turn an an­swer such as: “Your keys are be­hind the sofa cush­ions.”

Flo­rian Schaub, the cre­ator of FindMyStuff, said that with sen­sors, trans­mit­ters and chips be­com­ing ever smaller and cheaper, the world was al­ready mov­ing to­wards ‘dig­i­tal homes’, places where al­most ev­ery­thing we own can com­mu­ni­cate with com­put­ers. “Our sys­tem can be ret­ro­spec­tive- ly fit­ted to be used on wal­lets and key­chains. If you could get the tech smaller, you could use it on sun­glasses and things like that. “Phone man­u­fac­tur­ers can in­te­grate this tech­nol­ogy into phones, and you eas­ily make smart fur­ni­ture by putting an­ten­nas in­side,” Schaub said. The Ger­man team will un­veil the FindMyStuff sys­tem next month. Schaub said that they hoped to make the tech­nol­ogy avail­able com­mer­cially if elec­tron­ics com­pa­nies and fur­ni­ture mak­ers helped to build and mar­ket the prod­uct.

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