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Hu­man body sys­tems are con­trolled by Tri­dosha the­ory con­sist­ing of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha (Air, Bile and Phlegm) when these 3 doshas are not in equi­lib­rium than they give rise to dif­fer­ent tedious ail­ments. The main fac­tors dis­turb­ing the equi­lib­rium like our wrong food habits, life style mis­man­age­ment, ir­reg­u­lar reg­i­men, in­creased vatta etc., doshas which give rise to men­tal and phys­i­cal prob­lems like joint pains, R.A., obe­sity, thyroid, slipped disc, asthma, sci­at­ica, sugar, B.P., Lum­bar and cer­vi­cal, spondyli­tis, paral­y­sis, in­som­nia, mi­graine, pso­ri­a­sis, Heart dis­ease, si­nusi­tis etc. Same way when this vatta dosha en­ters the large gut of al­i­men­tary canal it causes acute con­sti­pa­tion due to ex­tra re-ab­sorp­tion In or­der to clear bow­els a per­son tends to sit longer and ex­ert pres­sure dur­ing defe­ca­tion re­sult­ing into prick­ing pain, burn­ing sen­sa­tion, dis­charge of pus, blood and foul smelling wa­tery dis­charge thus giv­ing rise to piles, Fis­tula and Fis­sure. All these above and other chronic dis­eases are fully taken care of by Ayurvedic medicines, Panchkarma pro­ce­dures and KSHAR Su­tra treat­ments. Af­ter serv­ing peo­ple of Tric­ity from last 16 yrs. Dr. Bansal has now come up with new Hi-Tech Cen­tre in Mohali in the name of YUKTEI suc­cess­fully pro­vid­ing all the fa­cil­i­ties un­der one roof with tra­di­tional touch but in a mod­ern­ized, in­no­va­tive and per­son­al­ized way FEW TES­TI­MO­NI­ALS: "I Saroj Bala Age 55 Years was suf­fer­ing from cer­vi­cal spondyli­tis and frozen shoul­der from many years. I was hav­ing acute pain, and gid­di­ness. I was un­able to walk even. I took treat­ment from Dr. Ve­nay & Dr. Meenu Bansal of Panchkula Ayurvadic & Panchkarma Cen­ter. Now I am Ab­so­lute nor­mal thanks to Dr. Bansal. "I Y. K. Suri was hav­ing acute de­pres­sion and In­som­nia from last 3 years. I took treat­ments from many places but all went waste then I meet Dr. Bansal of PAPL He cured me com­pletely in just 16 Days with his panchkarma treat­ments. Thanks a lot of Dr. Bansal. "I Jag­taar Singh 46 yrs, had been suf­fer­ing from bleed­ing and pain in the anus due to piles from last many years. Amaz­ing by I got com­pletely cured within 7 days af­ter tak­ing Kshar Su­tra treat­ment from Dr. Bansal. "I Kiran 28 yrs, was un­able to walk due to ex­ces­sive pain and stiff­ness and was RA+VE. Now within a time span of 32 days of treat­ment from PAPC, Panchkula all my symp­toms are gone and now I am lead­ing a nor­mal pain free life". My RA fac­tor has also be­come neg­a­tive now. "I Divya, 20 yrs. I took treat­ment for obe­sity from PAPC and lost 6 kg weight and 12 cms fat loss from the waist in just 16 days. "I Ra­jbala 40 yrs, old was suf­fer­ing from sci­at­ica due to slipped disc and has got much - much re­lief within 16 days af­ter tak­ing Panchkarma treat­ment from PAPC. Thanks to Dr. Bansal and his spe­cial Ker­al­lite staff". Fa­cil­i­ties Avail­able in PAPC: Com­plete Body Mas­sage and aro­matic supine steam­ing. Head mas­sage and Shi­rod­hara & Shi­rovasti. Va­man, Virechan and Vasti. Nasya and Dhoom­paan. Pout­lie, Ka­ti­vasti and Janu­vasti. Herbal Fruit Fa­cial. Kshar Su­tra Karma. YUKETI, Dr. Ve­nay Bansal B.A.M.S, MD (AMedicine) SCF-110, PHASE 10, Mohali 7814018777,8146313777, Panchkula Ayurvadic Panchkarma Cen­tre #480, Sec­tor 10, PANCHKULA Dr. Meenu Bansal B.A.M.S, (Ayurvedacharya) Mob: 9915558777, 9915548777

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