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Warm sunny days peps up our spirit, pro­vide us with ideal set­ting to pur­sue many ideal out­door ac­tiv­i­ties. Sun­light also pro­vides ther­a­peu­tic and phys­i­cal & psy­cho­log­i­cal ben­e­fits. For per­sons with cold con­di­tions, Asthma & var­i­ous bone prob­lems the sun­rays can re­lieve some of the phys­i­cal dis­com­forts of these con­di­tions. Un­for­tu­nately spend­ing too much time in the sun with­out ad­e­quate pro­tec­tion is harm­ful. Ex­ces­sive ex­po­sure will re­sult in ma­tured skin with spots, scars, pig­men­ta­tion and blem­ishes. There are cer­tain dam­ages which are not vis­i­ble - in fact it could re­sult in cells with ge­netic dam­age to a cer­tain ef­fect. Some cells are killed im­me­di­ately when ex­ces­sively ex­posed to sun while oth­ers are in­jured and re­lease a chem­i­cal sub­stance to stim­u­late the cap­il­lary re­sult­ing in its rup­ture lead­ing to dry­ing red skin. Es­pe­cially UVA could pen­e­trate the skin dam­age DNA. So that the skin loses elas­tic­ity & causes pre­ma­ture sag­ging. Ev­ery­one should be aware that UVA ra­di­a­tion is not heat like we feel at the sea site, moun­tain climb­ing etc. but it is the red­ness & burn­ing sen­sa­tion on the slight­est ex­po­sure to the sun, UVB can stim­u­late melanocytes that darken the skin, while UVA will cre­ate skin al­ler­gies, spots, pig­men­ta­tion & blem­ishes. Im­me­di­ate home care for sun ex­po­sure. The cheeks are most vul­ner­a­ble to UV ra­di­a­tion. Hot and cold nurs­ing of face pro­motes blood cir­cu­la­tion and saves you from dark­en­ing. Rub a block of ice to cool off al­ter­ing it with cot­ton soaked in hot water. Keep a check at the tem­per­a­ture to com­fort level so that the skin is not burnt. Re­peat 1- 2 times, Ap­pli­ca­tion of cu­cum­ber juice com­forts a sun burnt skin. BETTY'S SKIN CARE Is a nat­u­ral skin care pro­duc­tion house of­fer­ing the lat­est ad­vances in the field of Aes­thetic Nat­u­ral Care for the past 10 years. It has been the provider for skin care treat­ments for all skin types es­pe­cially the Hy­per- Sen­si­tive skin. Com­bin­ing the clin­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence with the lat­est knowl­edge in Aes­thetic herbs & es­sen­tial oils "SHIM­MERS" from "Betty's Skin Care" has de­vel­oped a range of orig­i­nal for­mu­la­tions to tar­get & ef­fec­tively treat a va­ri­ety of skin care con­cerns. Betty Nan­gia, Beauty & Natur­opath Con­sul­tant, Pranic Healer, 9888408040

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