‘Pun­ish­ing a wrong­doer is not vendetta, it is jus­tice’

Hindustan Times (Chandigarh) - - PUNJAB HINDUSTANTIMES -

supplied as potable wa­ter. This will be re­versed in two years. A Rs 2,000-crore project aided by Asian De­vel­op­ment Bank and World Bank has been ini­ti­ated. Now, there is so much re­sis­tance from within to my ef­forts to make peo­ple ac­count­able by bring­ing in e-gov­er­nance wherein the gov­ern­ment will have no in­ter­face with the tax­payer. That is the only way. No­body will be able pocket gov­ern­ment money. I have done two au­dits so far and faced so much re­sis­tance. No big com­pany is ready to take up the au­dit and ex­pose cor­rup­tion of the pre­vi­ous regime. But we will en­sure au­dit of mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties ev­ery year. It’s a dif­fi­cult job. You have to face flak. So be it. Ek inch nahin pichhe ha­toonga (I won’t back down). It has al­ways been so. Name one cor­po­ra­tion that has money! All are bank­rupt. Half the mu­nic­i­pal bod­ies can’t pay salaries. This is what I have in­her­ited That’s one fac­tor. The big­gest rea­son is that civic bod­ies, which cater to al­most half the state’s pop­u­la­tion, get only 5% of rev­enue share. Ei­ther you per­mit them to earn money through taxes, or give money to them. Nei­ther of the two has hap­pened. Now, I will bite the bul­let. col­lec­tion of garbage nor seg­re­ga­tion. The mu­nic­i­pal cor­po­ra­tions are help­less. The mis­deeds of 20 years can­not be un­done in two years. But, as a leader, I have to turn ob­sta­cles into step­ping stones towards suc­cess. Rais­ing the state’s in­come is at the top of my agenda.

Which is why I am cry­ing hoarse for an ad­ver­tise­ment pol­icy. Haryana has 82 cities and is earn­ing Rs 200 crore from hoard­ings. We have 164 cities and earn only Rs 20 crore! At its fag end, the last gov­ern­ment al­lot­ted sev­enyear con­tracts and for­feited fu­ture rev­enue.then, Fast­way com­pany that had the Badals’ pa­tron­age evaded tax of ₹400 crore a year be­cause the ca­ble net­work was not taxed. We will first give fa­cil­i­ties and then tax the cit­i­zens. Ar­rears of Rs 400 crore in prop­erty and wa­ter tax are pend­ing be­cause the Akali-bjp gov­ern­ment never re­cov­ered them. But, af­ter they lost power, their may­ors who were still in of­fice is­sued the hefty bills so that theekra Cap­tain sarkar te phutte (the blame falls on the Cap­tain gov­ern­ment). I will stand by all that. But I came to the Congress just 16 days be­fore elec­tions. Did you see my agenda? I will do my best to ful­fil the man­i­festo prom­ises. But I have a sep­a­rate agenda, too. That is about how to in­crease the state’s in­come — whether it is ca­ble TV , mines or liquor or trans­port. Haryana has Rs 1,700 crore sur­plus on buses. Pun­jab trans­port depart­ment, which is a third big­ger than Haryana’s, is un­der a debt of Rs 500 crore. Have you heard that lux­ury buses are taxed at Rs 1.5 per km while tut­tian-bha­jjian (ram­shackle) PRTC buses are taxed at Rs 5 per km! The pre­vi­ous gov­ern­ment turned cor­rup­tion into a fine art, plun­dered the state re­sources, and filled the cof­fers of one fam­ily. When­ever I get the chance to de­cide, I will stop their cor­rup­tion. The fam­ily or their op­er­a­tors have to be put through a proper pro­ce­dure. Vig­i­lance is not in my hands. Any­body who has that ac­tu­ally has to take the de­ci­sion. Pun­ish­ing a wrong­doer is not po­lit­i­cal vendetta; it is jus­tice [Raises voice]. Whoso­ever com­mits a wrong, whether from our party or oth­ers, tang deyo (take them to task)! Some­one has to stand up and say ‘Pun­jab first’. I won’t let hopes of the peo­ple shat­ter. Hope is the big­gest tope (can­non). It is be­cause of this be­lief that my wife and I have won seven elec­tions, and lost none. I am not here for per­sonal gain. I will not be a mute spec­ta­tor to Pun­jab’s de­struc­tion.

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