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Here are some tips to help you re­alise your dreams

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Ev­ery­one has their no­tion of how peo­ple should look and dress, etc... All these di­verse per­cep­tions can lead in­di­vid­u­als to be­lieve that they need to be a par­tic­u­lar way, and if not, then it im­plies some­thing neg­a­tive about them. This can fre­quently af­fect one’s moods and be­hav­iour. One may start push­ing one­self to try and main­tain a cer­tain look.

Our tra­di­tional so­ci­ety of­ten scoffs at our de­sires. The pop­u­lar re­li­gions teach us not to have any de­sires what­so­ever. But the fact re­mains that each one of us de­sires some­thing or the other in our life.

Our de­sires are signs from the uni­verse which urge us to move in a par­tic­u­lar di­rec­tion. Each de­sire is a part of the in­fi­nite uni­ver­sal power seek­ing man­i­fes­ta­tion, cre­ation and ex­pres­sion. If we were to an­a­lyse ev­ery pas­sion­ate de­sire, we would re­alise that its pur­pose is to en­hance us. Authen­tic de­sires are whole­some and nour­ish­ing.

We ful­fil each other’s de­sires by the work we do. When we feel a de­sire to cre­ate some­thing, we can be cer­tain that some­one some­where de­sires that thing. Sim­i­larly, for ev­ery per­son who has some­thing to sell, there is al­ways a per­son who de­sires to buy it!

When a de­sire is put in our heart, the mech­a­nism for its ful­fil­ment, too, is given to us. All we need to do is ap­ply the re­quired tools in an op­ti­mum and ef­fi­cient man­ner.

What are the fac­tors that help man­i­fest your de­sires into re­al­ity?

The first im­por­tant fac­tor is the in­ten­sity of your de­sire. You must have a ‘burn­ing’ de­sire to make it hap­pen. You must be will­ing to do what­ever it takes to cre­ate your de­sire. Your ac­tions must fit within your value sys­tem; only then can you re­ally suc­ceed in life.

The sec­ond im­por­tant fac­tor is your be­lief sys­tem. No mat­ter how much you de­sire a spe­cific out­come, it will not hap­pen un­less you com­pletely be­lieve in it; both con­sciously and sub­con­sciously.

How do you in­crease the in­ten­sity of your de­sire and in­flu­ence your be­lief sys­tem?

In or­der to de­velop an in­tense de­sire and to­tal be­lief, you need to vividly visu­alise your de­sire as though it has al­ready been ful­filled.

In­volve all your senses in this creative process.

Ask your­self, “What will I see, hear and feel when my de­sire gets man­i­fested in my re­al­ity?”

Write down the an­swer and read it out to your­self. Make any changes if re­quired.

Sched­ule a time to sit down and imag­ine this scene ev­ery day.

Do at least one vi­su­al­i­sa­tion ses­sion in a day. It helps to do it at the same time ev­ery day since that builds the habit.

The more of­ten you per­form the vi­su­al­i­sa­tion, the faster your de­sire will come to you.

Now take an im­me­di­ate ac­tion. Get a piece of pa­per and cre­ate your vivid vi­su­al­i­sa­tion. Do it ev­ery day and re­mem­ber to let me know when you man­i­fest your de­sires!

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