Seven ways to beat stress

Use th­ese sim­ple tricks from time to time for a bet­ter life

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Twenty-first cen­tury’s fast-paced, er­ratic life­style, work pres­sures, tight dead­lines, cut­throat com­pe­ti­tion, un­re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions and work­life im­bal­ance have made the en­vi­ron­ment – both at home and the work­place – highly stress­ful for most of us. Stress af­fects ev­ery per­son, ir­re­spec­tive of age, gen­der, job pro­file, and eco­nomic well-be­ing, im­pact­ing our health, re­la­tion­ships and per­for­mance.

In such a sce­nario, it is im­por­tant to know and use some sim­ple tools to cleanse our sys­tem from time to time. Here are some time-tested stress-busters that will not only help re­lease the ac­cu­mu­lated stress but also pre­vent it from build­ing up at all:

it out: When­ever we feel over­whelmed by stress, tears nat­u­rally well up in our eyes. But more of­ten than not, we try to con­trol them. From now on­wards, al­low your tears to flow freely, with­out feel­ing like a jerk or a coward. Tears are a won­der­ful stress-re­leas­ing mech­a­nism fac­tored in our phys­i­ol­ogy. Use it.

it out: Speak­ing about our prob­lems lessens their pres­sure on us. But most of us shut our­selves up tight and wal­low in our sor­rows. From now on­wards, talk about ev­ery­thing that lies bot­tled up in­side you. Be­sides talk­ing to your friends and fam­ily, you can join some on­line sup­port group.

out some ‘me’ time: It is very im­por­tant to take out some time for your per­sonal up­keep. Be kind to your­self, and once in a while pam­per your­self, with­out feel­ing guilty. Find suf­fi­cient time to re­lax.

‘No’: We usu­ally find it hard to say ‘No’ to oth­ers’ re­quests and feel guilty when we can’t please ev­ery­one. But re­mem­ber that say­ing ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ at the right time and to the right per­son goes a long way in man­ag­ing stress which comes from over-de­mand and in­ad­e­quate self-main­te­nance.

for help: When­ever you feel over­whelmed with work, don’t be re­luc­tant to ask for help. Re­mem­ber, Je­sus Christ’s words, “Ask and it is given.” In any case, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Do not com­bine too many projects.

thoughts: Once in a while, close your eyes and think of some­thing from your past that you are proud of or happy about. Let that me­mory play back in your mind with all its de­tails, sounds, smells, emo­tions, feel­ings etc. Live that ex­pe­ri­ence once again. This is a great stress-bust­ing tool.

deeply: Our breath con­nects our in­ner world to our outer world; hence, we can use this phe­nom­e­non to re­lease all the ac­cu­mu­lated stress in our body and mind. Learn to de­lib­er­ately deepen your breath. Ev­ery once in a while, es­pe­cially when you are feel­ing tense, breathe in slowly through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Do this for five min­utes and no­tice the dif­fer­ence in your en­ergy. You will def­i­nitely feel less tense.

If you use th­ese sim­ple tools reg­u­larly, you can say good­bye to stress and en­joy your life more fully!


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