The real test of life is be­yond the exam pa­per

Never let a low aca­demic score in­ter­fere with your sense of self-worth

Hindustan Times (Delhi) - HT Education - - Front Page - Samir Parikh

So­ci­ety to­day has be­come very com­pet­i­tive, with more and more stu­dents vy­ing for seem­ingly limited op­por­tu­ni­ties. Cut-offs have reached un­prece­dented heights. Good is just not treated as good enough any­more.

Ex­ams have al­ways been a way of teach­ing stu­dents im­por­tant life-skills for cop­ing with fu­ture chal­lenges. How­ever, stu­dents must keep in mind that no one exam can ever define who they are or what their po­ten­tial is. Yes, a poor score can be a hur­dle in to­day’s ed­u­ca­tional mi­lieu, but if you’re aware of what you want from life, what your long term vi­sion is and you’re com­mit­ted to your goals, then re­mem­ber that one poor grade is not go­ing to come in the way of it. What you need to do is take a pos­i­tive ap­proach, and learn from your mis­takes rather than let­ting your re­sult pull you down.

your op­tions - We of­ten take a very limited and stereo­typ­i­cal ap­proach to our choice of sub­jects and col­leges. The re­al­ity, how­ever, is that there are more than 10,000 ca­reer op­tions avail­able in to­day’s day. Ex­plore your op­tions; con­sider con­sult­ing a ca­reer coun­sel­lor for guid­ance. Don’t iso­late your­self - You may not feel like in­ter­act­ing with friends and fam­ily af­ter re­ceiv­ing a poor grade. How­ever, it’s im­por­tant that you talk about your feel­ings with your friends and fam­ily. Try to main­tain a nor­mal life­style, and don’t with­draw from oth­ers.

this exam as a learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence - Don’t give up be­cause of a poor re­sult. In­stead, use this ex­am­i­na­tion as a learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Take a pos­i­tive ap­proach and learn from the mis­takes you’ve made this time, to en­sure that you suc­ceed the next time round.

from draw­ing com­par­isons - Avoid com­par­ing your re­sults with those of your peers. Re­mem­ber that each of us have our own abil­i­ties, weak­nesses and cir­cum-


on your strengths - aca­demics may not be each per­son’s forte. But even if you aren’t a top­per, you have your own share of strengths that sep­a­rate you from the oth­ers. Fo­cus on your strengths and har­ness your true po­ten­tial.

to a coun­sel­lor - If you find that you’re feel­ing very distressed and are un­able to cope with the feel­ings of dis­ap­point­ment, re­mem­ber that you are not alone. There is help avail­able - talk to a friend, fam­ily mem­ber or coun­sel­lor if you’re feel­ing low.

no exam is the fi­nal exam - Ex­ams in school are meant to teach us how to cope with suc­cesses and fail­ures, how to or­gan­ise and pri­ori­tise and how to learn from our mis­takes. Ex­ams are for­ever a part of life. Even if it may feel that this exam was the end of the world, re­mem­ber that it is not. There will be many more ex­ams to come, each more

im­por­tant than the other.

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