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I am a 14-year-old boy in Class 9. I have been a very ac­tive child. Of late, I am un­able to fol­low my daily sched­ule. As this is hol­i­day time, I feel kind of lazy. Ini­tially I did not like my par­ents shout­ing at me, but now even I feel that I sleep a lot. And if I sit to study, I keep think­ing. I have lot of ir­ra­tional thoughts in my mind which take me nowhere and just waste my time. As I go deep into this thought process I am also able to feel the emo­tions be­ing ex­pe­ri­enced. And then sud­denly I re­alise what I am do­ing. How should I stop this?

-Kind of lazy I must ap­pre­ci­ate that you have good in­sight into what you have been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. Emo­tions are re­lated to thoughts which get pro­duced in the mind and thoughts are re­lated to the process of think­ing by the brain. And this process is very much a part of our ex­is­tence. But when some thoughts which are mean­ing­less and base­less in na­ture start com­ing to our mind too fre­quently they dis­tract us. This ob­ses­sion with thoughts from oth­ers like ask your par­ents to wake you up early in in the morn­ing. Fur­ther, keep a stop­watch on your ta­ble and have a fo­cused sit­ting of 20 min­utes; then you can do what­ever you like for the next 10 min­utes. For th­ese 20 min­utes, you will tell your­self to fo­cus on the task you have at hand and com­plete it. Do not lose hope and have con­fi­dence in your abil­ity. If your con­di­tion does not change sig­nif­i­cantly, you may seek pro­fes­sional help too. I am sure you will sail through smoothly. Take care. would ask ques­tions such as where I am tak­ing ad­mis­sion, if my re­sults have been de­clared and the like. I feel this con­stant pres­sure al­ways in my head and do not want to go out of the house. Now, though, I must say that my par­ents hardly dis­cuss ad­mis­sions till I want them to and I feel re­laxed talk­ing to them. But please guide me on how should I deal with th­ese other peo­ple? I feel drained of all the re­sources to han­dle such peo­ple. Indira Gandhi National Open Univer­sity (Ignou) is of­fer­ing its bach­e­lor’s prepara­tory pro­gramme (BPP) to those stu­dents who wish to pur­sue a bach­e­lor’s de­gree from the univer­sity.

It is meant for those stu­dents who do not have the es­sen­tial qual­i­fi­ca­tions of hav­ing passed 10+2 and at­tained the age of 18 years/as on April 1 and Oc­to­ber 1 for Jan­uary and July ses­sions, re­spec­tively.

The univer­sity has de­signed this prepara­tory pro­gramme to en­able such stu­dents to en­ter the higher ed­u­ca­tion stream. It

-Pres­surised I am sure we all have gone through this sit­u­a­tion. You are re­ally lucky to have par­ents who are like your friends. Try is valid for ad­mis­sion to Ignou’s non-for­mal stream of and BA/ BCom etc. The six-month BPP is on of­fer in Oriya, English, Hindi, Tamil, Ben­gali, Marathi, Tel­ugu, Malay­alam and Gu­jarati medium.

It can be com­pleted in two years if a stu­dent de­sires. A stu­dent has to se­lect any two of th­ese cour­ses - prepara­tory course in gen­eral math­e­mat­ics, prepara­tory course in so­cial sciences and prepara­tory course in com­merce.

For de­tails, visit www. ignou.ac.in or con­tact your near­est Ignou re­gional cen­tre/study cen­tre. Prospec­tus can be ob­tained from the re­gional cen­tres in per­son in R200, or by post by send­ing a DD of R250 in favour of Ignou, New Delhi, to reg­is­trar (Stu­dent Regis­tra­tion Di­vi­sion), Indira Gandhi National Open Univer­sity, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi68. Last date for sub­mit­ting ap­pli­ca­tions is June 30, 2013. talk­ing to your par­ents about such sit­u­a­tions and how you feel. Some­times a firm mes­sage be­ing passed to oth­ers helps a great deal. Next time you meet them you might tell them in a very soft but firm way that ‘I am al­ready do­ing my best for my fu­ture and my par­ents are help­ing me in this process, I thank you for your con­cern and want to tell you that com­ing out of the house is a way of re­lax­ation for me, but I do not re­ally like talk­ing about the same is­sue again and again.’

You need to un­der­stand that we can­not con­trol how oth­ers talk, but def­i­nitely our ap­proach to­wards them. Maybe they are con­cerned about you and this is their way of boost­ing your en­ergy to help you achieve your goal. You can take their com­ments as a source of en­cour­age­ment or in­stead of with­draw­ing your­self just lis­ten to them and move on.

Your main goal is to crack through the process of ad­mis­sions, and once you get ad­mis­sion some­where they will stop. Be fo­cused on your aim and keep on ask­ing ques­tions or giv­ing feed­back. @HTE­duDelhi Univer­sity of Delhi’s Gandhi Bhawan an­nounces a #creative #writ­ing #com­pe­ti­tion for col­lege stu­dents. http://du.ac.in #DU @HTE­duDelhi Jamia Mil­lia Is­lamia can­cels #MA po­lit­i­cal science en­trance #test held on June 18; Re-con­duct it on July 4. http://jmi.ac.in/ @HTE­duDel­hi­now 25 things ev­ery young pro­fes­sional should know by age 25 http://huff.to/17rayO3 via @ Huf­fPostEdu @HTE­duDelhi 3 con­cerns of in­ter­na­tional grad school #ap­pli­cants - #grad­u­ate school road map (http://us­news.com) @HTE­duDelhi #Im­mi­gra­tion pol­icy makes #stu­dents ‘feel less wel­come’ | http:// www.timeshigh­ere­d­u­ca­tion.co. uk/news/im­mi­gra­tion-pol­i­cy­makes-stu­dents-feel-less-wel­come/2005029.ar­ti­cle#. UchJGNza­A7B.twit­ter …

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