FYUP took its toll on DU stu­dents

A YEAR ON Last year’s roll­back of the four-year un­der­grad­u­ate pro­gramme in Delhi Univer­sity left stu­dents of the first batch grap­pling with a ‘tougher’ cur­ricu­lum and other prob­lems

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The start of the new aca­demic ses­sion at Delhi Univer­sity (DU) also marks one year of the four-year un­der­grad­u­ate pro­gramme (FYUP) roll­back.

For sev­eral stu­dents ad­mit­ted to the univer­sity in 2013, the last two aca­demic years have been a roller-coaster ride. First, they were in­tro­duced to the FYUP struc­ture and a year later, they were ex­pected to ad­just to the three-year course based on the se­mes­ter sys­tem.

Shub­hankar Jain, one of the over 50,000 stu­dents who were part of the first ever FYUP batch, says the last two years were “dis­as­trous. We were forced to study un­re­lated sub­jects which were called foun­da­tion cour­ses and had prac­ti­cally no level of dif­fi­culty. The sub­jects were of high school level and I could score 70% easily. In the sec­ond year, how­ever, when FYUP was rolled back, things changed as there was sud­denly more work­load and the course was tough. As a re­sult, my ju­niors in their first se­mes­ter are study­ing what I am study­ing now. The roll­back prac­ti­cally ru­ined my sec­ond aca­demic year,” says Jain, who will be start­ing his fi­nal-year eco­nom­ics (hons) pro­gramme at Sri Guru Gobind Singh Col­lege of Com­merce.

Other FYUP batch stu­dents have had to make dif­fi­cult ad­just- ments with ex­tra sub­jects in the semesters af­ter DU re­verted to the three-year bach­e­lor’s de­gree. “We were sup­posed to study six main pa­pers in­stead of four in the sec­ond year and in the fi­nal year it would be eight main pa­pers in­stead of six,” one of the stu­dents said.

Another ma­jor is­sue is the re­moval of last two dis­ci­pline-1 pa­pers from each course. These were aimed at teach­ing stu­dents the ba­sics of writ­ing a re­search pa­per, im­por­tant for those want­ing to pur­sue higher stud­ies.

There are also fewer core pa­pers due to the re­vised struc­ture of the de­gree. Sid­dharth Mantry, a f i nal- year BCom ( hons) stu­dent of Shri Guru Teg Ba­hadur Khalsa Col­lege, says, “Ear­lier, there were about 28 pa­pers in BCom which were cut down to 18 af­ter the in­tro­duc- tion of FYUP. Ours will be the only batch to have stud­ied fewer core sub­jects. Our ju­niors have 28 sub­jects.”

Some also feel bad about be­ing de­nied the op­por­tu­nity of choos­ing a mi­nor sub­ject. “We were asked to choose from a list 12 to 15 in­ter­est­ing cour­ses as our dis­ci­pline-2 pa­pers. Af­ter the roll­back, we had to study a sub­ject cho­sen by our col­lege, which was history. This does not make sense for stu­dents like me who are from the science/ com­merce back­grounds,” says Ritika Ma­ha­jan, a fi­nal-year stu­dent of English (hons) at Col­lege o f Vo c a t i o n a l Stud­ies.

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