Youth want to make a pledge to live and work hon­estly on In­de­pen­dence Day

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To celebrate In­de­pen­dence Day in its true spirit, peo­ple should “Make a pledge to live and work hon­estly,” say young peo­ple from across the coun­try in an HT Ed­u­ca­tion poll on ‘The best way to ob­serve I-Day’, pow­ered by Spend­ing a day in an NGO or old age home, feed­ing the poor was also the sec­ond best way to celebrate, add 22.95% of the sur­vey par­tic­i­pants.

An­swer­ing ques­tions which ranged from the mean­ing of free­dom to the path they would choose to serve the coun­try, 305 re­spon­dents came up with in­tel­li­gent and in­ter­est­ing in­puts. About 59.34% said any coun­try, to de­velop, needed cit­i­zens con­cerned about and will­ing to take ac­tion against pol­lu­tion, crime, pop­u­la­tion ex­plo­sion and poverty. The sec­ond most im­por­tant thing to do, 32.79% said, was to make one­self and oth­ers aware of laws and his/ her con­sti­tu­tional rights and du­ties. Mak­ing money, gen­er­at­ing ‘likes’ on so­cial media pro­files ranked low­est in the or­der of pre­ferred choices.

What did true free­dom mean? About 67.21% re­spon­dents from a gen­er­a­tion born decades af­ter In­dia achieved in­de­pen­dence said “be­ing able to walk with­out fear on the streets of In­dia’s towns and cities,” was very im­por­tant. About 28.52% said they wanted to be able to wear what they wanted and study what they wanted with­out wor­ry­ing too much about so­ci­etal norms. Ed­u­ca­tion of its cit­i­zens had to be a pri­or­ity if a na­tion had to de­velop and progress, said 94.43% re­spon­dents.

There were many ways to serve the na­tion, but “Do­ing path-break­ing re­search work and com­ing up with great dis­cov­er­ies, in­no­va­tions,” was the best way for 35.74% re­spon­dents. About 32.13% youth said serv­ing the poor and the in­firm de­fined pa­tri­o­tism. For 16.07%, fight­ing for the na­tion, join­ing the armed forces, was what mat­tered most.

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