Im­prove prop­erty prospects through your own Karma Kor­rec­tions

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Fate has a nasty habit of turn­ing dreams into night­mares. Who doesn’t try to con­struct a well-knit prop­erty plan, which takes care of the de­sires, fi­nances, present mar­ket sce­nario and risks, but few suc­ceed in reap­ing a bounty. Who would want to land in such a sit­u­a­tion, where one is trapped into pay­ing EMIs end­lessly, with lit­tle hope of pos­ses­sion? A well-read as­trologer can help fore­cast sit­u­a­tions of un­pre­dictabil­ity in the fu­ture, and can also guide one on the safe steps to be fol­lowed, and on the cor­rec­tive mea­sures. The fu­ture can be tamed by a Vedic study of the horo­scope for the fol­low­ing points: How strong is one’s prop­erty yoga. How well man­aged is one’s debt yoga. If there is a yoga to re­side in one’s own home. The num­ber of prop­er­ties that could be owned. What time is right to go for the prop­erty? The po­tency of the parental or an­ces­tral prop­erty yoga. The right time to dis­pose off the prop­erty. How safe is the prop­erty from un­ruly ten­ants. Any evic­tion fears in the near fu­ture. Whether there is any prop­erty ap­pre­ci­a­tion Jack­pot yoga. Car­ing cost of the prop­erty vis-à-vis its pro­cure­ment cost. Here’s a ray of hope for those who hero­ically ven­tured into prop­erty mat­ters and are now feel­ing the heat of mis­judg­ment. Pre­cise reme­dies to eval­u­ate in­di­vid­ual horoscopes and suit­able paths can be sug­gested. Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi, with HQ at Sec­tor 66 Noida, an ac­com­plished Vedic as­trologer-cum-Karma Kor­rec­tor, Doc­tor­ate in Astrol­ogy sci­ence, mas­ter of Par­shari, Brighu, Nadis, helps peo­ple by chang­ing their per­cep­tion about astrol­ogy from an or­tho­dox le­gacy to mod­ern & sci­en­tific Karma Kor­rec­tions. Take his learn­ings from his web­site www.vinay­ba­ or watch his ed­u­ca­tional shows on pop­u­lar TV Chan­nels, in­clud­ing San­skar TV @ 10.30 pm, ex­clud­ing Sun­days & Sadhna Chan­nel at 12.00 am daily.


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