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Most kids can’t sit still for too long. So, if your flight is a long haul, make sure you bring his/her favourite toys, games, books etc. There is nothing on a plane that will en­ter­tain your child, so come pre­pared.

Kids are fid­gety. If your child can walk do take him up and down the aisle to stretch his lit­tle legs.

Try and get a window seat and show him how the world looks from high above. Ex­plain where you are and where you’re going.

Air­line food is at best plain and sim­ple. So be sure to carry your child’s favourite meals in a plas­tic con­tainer. Do bring some snacks along as well this will en­sure that when he’s not play­ing with his toys or colour­ing in his colour book --- he’s nib­bling some­thing!

Be­cause kids tire and get bored very eas­ily why not take some toys he hasn’t seen or a book he hasn’t read/coloured? Open­ing new toys can be en­ter­tain­ing for kids. And crayon and colour­ing books do won­ders. This will stop his need to fidget, at least for a while.

Re­mem­ber cabin pres­sure, espe­cially dur­ing take-off and land­ing af­fects a child’s ears, which is why so many in­fant’s cry after take-off. Keep a water/milk bot­tle or a paci­fier ready. The suck­ing motion will help to un­block his ears.

Try to sched­ule your flight be­fore your child’s nap­time so that he can stay on his sched­ule and sleep on the plane.

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