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CAST: An­thony Sadler, Alek Skar­latos, Spencer Stone, Judy Greer, Jenna Fis­cher, Ray Co­rasani, Thomas Len­non

SOUTH: PVR Icon Vas­ant Kunj: 10,3.50, 9.10,11.30pm; Di­rec­tor’s Cut: 12.50,6, 11pm; PVR Anu­pam: 12,5.50, 8.10pm; PVR Se­lect City Walk: 2.50, 8.40,10.55pm; Gold: 4pm; PVR Chanakya: 10.15,4.30,9.50pm;

WEST: PVR Pa­cific: 12.50,3.10,8.30pm; NOIDA: PVR Logix: 10,3.20,8.15,10.35pm; DT MOIN: 10.10,12.50,6.10,11.05pm; GUR­GAON: PVR Am­bi­ence: 10,3.10, 8.30,10.50pm; PVR MGF: 9.10,11.30, 6.40,11.35pm


CAST: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks SYN­OP­SIS: A cover-up that spanned four US Pres­i­dents pushed the coun­try’s first fe­male news­pa­per pub­lisher and a hard-driv­ing ed­i­tor to join an un­prece­dented bat­tle be­tween the press and the govern­ment. SOUTH: PVR Vas­ant Kunj: 8.15pm; PVR Di­rec­tor’s Cut: 3pm; PVR Se­lect City Walk: 4.30pm; NOIDA: PVR Logix: 5.40 pm; DT MOIN: 8.30pm; GUR­GAON: PVR Am­bi­ence: 5.30pm; PVR MGF: 9pm;


CAST: Ger­ard But­ler, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr.

SYN­OP­SIS: A crime saga which fol­lows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sher­iff’s Dept. and the state’s most suc­cess­ful bank rob­bery crew as the out­laws plan a seem­ingly im­pos­si­ble heist on the Re­serve Bank. SOUTH: PVR Vas­ant Kunj: 10.50pm; Di­rec­tor’s Cut: 3pm; PVR Se­lect City Walk: 1.30pm; NOIDA: DT MOIN: 3.10pm; GUR­GAON: PVR Am­bi­ence: 5.30pm


CAST: Gary Old­man, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas

SYN­OP­SIS: Dur­ing the early days of World War II, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the newly-ap­pointed Bri­tish Prime Min­is­ter Win­ston Churchill, who must de­cide whether to ne­go­ti­ate with Hitler, or fight on against in­cred­i­ble odds.

SOUTH: PVR Vas­ant Kunj: 10am; NOIDA: PVR Logix: 10am


CAST: Vicky Krieps, Daniel Day-Lewis, Les­ley Manville

SYN­OP­SIS: Set in ’50s Lon­don, Reynolds Wood­cock is a renowned dress­maker whose fas­tid­i­ous life is dis­rupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who be­comes his muse and lover.

SOUTH: PVR Vas­ant Kunj: 2.40pm; Di­rec­tor’s Cut: 8.10pm; PVR Se­lect City Walk: 12pm; NOIDA: PVR Logix: 10pm; DT MOIN: 10am; Wave: 7.55pm; GUR­GAON: PVR Am­bi­ence: 12.20pm; PVR MGF: 3.50pm;


CAST: Dy­lan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee and Kaya Scode­lario

SYN­OP­SIS: Young hero Thomas em­barks on a mis­sion to find a cure for a deadly dis­ease known as the ’ Flare’.

SOUTH: PVR Vas­ant Kunj: 6.10pm; WEST: Wave Raja Gar­den: 10.30am; NOIDA: PVR Logix: 4.20pm;


CAST: Liam Nee­son, Vera Farmiga, Pa­trick Wil­son

SYN­OP­SIS: A busi­ness­man is caught up in a crim­i­nal con­spir­acy dur­ing his daily com­mute home.


CAST: Dwayne John­son, Jack Black SYN­OP­SIS: Four teenagers are sucked into a mag­i­cal video game, and the only way they can es­cape is to work to­gether to fin­ish the game.

NOIDA: PVR Logix 4DX: 11,1.40,7.20, 10pm; GUR­GAON : PVR MGF 4DX: 10.40, 1.20,7,9.40pm



CAST: Ak­shay Ku­mar, Sonam Kapoor, Rad­hika Apte

NORTH: Movi­etime Pi­ta­m­pura: 9.15, 10.15,12,1,2.45,4.05,5.30,6.50,8.15,9.35, 11pm; M2K Pi­ta­m­pura: 9.30,11,12,1.30, 2.45,4.15,5.30,7,8.15,9.45,10.55pm; M2K Ro­hini: 9.30,12,2.45,4.30,5.30,8.15,10.55; PVR Prashant Vi­har: 9,10.30,12.45,1.30, 3.45,6.45,8,9.45,11 pm; PVR Shal­i­mar Bagh: 10,11,1,2.30,4,5.30,7,8.30,10,11.30 pm; SOUTH: M Cin­e­mas: 8.40,1.55,4.25, 7, 9.30pm; PVR Icon Vas­ant Kunj: 10, 11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 pm; Di­rec­tor’s Cut: 9,10,12,1.15,4.30,6,7.45,11pm; PVR Anu­pam: 9,10,12.30,2,3.30,5,6.30,8,9.30,11 pm; PVR Se­lect City Walk: 9,11,2,5,7,8, 9.55,11 pm; Gold: 10,1,4.45,6.20,9.20, 11.30pm; PVR Priya: 9.30,4,10.30pm; PVR 3C’S: 9.45,12.45,7.15 pm; PVR Chanakya: 10,12.35,2,5,6.50,8,11 pm; PVR Sangam: 9,10.45,1.45,4.45,7.45,10.45pm; CEN­TRAL: Delite: 10,12.30,3.30,6.30,9.30pm; PVR Plaza: 10,4.30,11pm; PVR Rivoli: 9.30, 12.30,7pm; Odeon: 9.15,10.45,1.45,4.45, 7.45,9.45,10.45pm WEST: Movi­etime Raja Gar­den: 9.15,9.40,10.30,11.15,12,2.45,3.25,

4.20,5.30,6.10,6.40,8.15,8.55,10.10,11, 11.30pm; (Gold): 2.05,4.50,7.35pm; PVR Naraina: 9,10,11.30,1,2.30,4,5.30, 7,8.30,10,11.30pm; PVR Pa­cific: 9,12,3,6,9, 9.50,10.45,1.45,4.45,5.30,7.45,10.45,11.40 pm; PVR Vikaspuri: 9,10.30,12.45,1.30, 3.45,6.45,8,9.45,11pm; Wave Raja Gar­den: 9.30,11,12.15,1.15,2,3,4,5.05,5.45, 8,8.30,10.45,11.15pm; NOIDA: Car­ni­val TGIP: 9,10,1,2.15,3.15,4,5.15,7,8.15, 9.30, 10,11.15pm; Ebony: 10.30,1.15,7.30,

10.30pm; Car­ni­val Gr Noida: 10,11,1,2, 3.45,4.45,5.45,6.45,7.45,9.45,10.45pm; Movi­etime: 9.15,12,2.45,5.30,8.15,9.55, 11pm; Movi­etime Gr Noida: 9.15,12, 2.45,3.45,5.30,8.15,9.45,11pm; PVR Logix: 9.30,10,10.35,11.10,11.45,12.30,1, 1.35, 2.10, 2.45,3.30,4,4.35,5.10,5.45,6.30,7, 7.35,8.10, 8.45,9.30,10,10.45, 11.10,11.45 pm; Gold: 10.50,12.15,1.50,3.15,4.50, 6.15,7.50, 10.50pm; DT MOIN: 10.15,11,11.45,12.30, 11.15,2,2.45,3.30,4.15,5,5.45,6.30,7.15,8,8.45, 9.30,10.15,11,11.45 pm; Wave: 9.30,10, 10.30,12.15,12.45,1.20,3,3.30,4.10,5.45,6.15,7, 8.30,9.15,10,11.15pm; GUR­GAON: Car­ni­val Grand: 9.15,11,12,1.45, 2.45,4.30,5.30,6.30, 7.15,8.15,9.15,10,11pm; Car­ni­val Palam Vi­har: 9.30,10.30,12.15,1.30,4.30,6.30, 7.30,9.30,10.30pm; PVR Am­bi­ence: 9.30,11,12.30,2,3.30,5,6.30,8,9.30,11 pm; Gold: 10.15,1.15,4.15,10.15pm; PVR MGF: 9,10,11,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,8.55,10,11,11.55pm; PVR Sa­hara: 10,1,4,7,10 pm; PVR City Cen­ter: 10,1.30,3.30,4.30,6.30,7.30,9.30,10.30 pm; PVR Mega Mall: 10.45,1.45,2.30,4.45,5.30, 7.45,9,10.45pm; PVR Star Mall: 10.30,1.30, 4.30,7.30,10.30pm; SRS Omaxe: 10,11,12.50,4.50,7,9.50,10.45pm; SRS Celebration: 10,11,1.50,3.40,6.30, 7.45,10.35pm; FARID­ABAD: PVR Crown: 10,1,4,7,10 pm; SRS Cin­e­mas: 10,11,12.50, 1.50,3.40,4.40,6.30,7.30,9.20,10.20pm; SRS Eldeco: 10.10,11.10,1,2,3.50,4.50,6.40, 7.40,9.30,10.35; SRS Pris­tine: 10.10,11,1, 1.50,3.45,4.40,6.30,7.30,9.20,10.20pm; SRS Shub­ham: 10.20,1.15,4,6.45,9.30pm; GHAZI­ABAD: Car­ni­val Kaushambi: 9,10, 12,1,6.20,9.30,10.30,2.10,3.10,4.10,7.20,8.45 pm; Car­ni­val Vaishali: 9.30,10.30,1.30, 3.30,4.30,6.30,7.45,9.30,10.30pm; Car­ni­val Movie World: 9.30,10.30,12.30, 1.30,4.30,6.40,7.30,9.30,10.30pm; Galaxie:11,12.30,1.45,3.30,4.30,6.30, 9.30,10.15 pm; PVR EDM: 10,1,4,5,7,8,10,11 pm; PVR Ma­h­a­gun: 9.30,11,12.30,2,3.30, 5,6.30,8,9.30,11pm; PVR Op­u­lent: 9.30, 12.30,3.30,5,6.30,8,9.30,11pm; PVR Ra­j­na­gar: 10,12,3,4.30,6,7.30,9,10.30 pm; Sil­vercity: 10,11,12.45,3.30,6.15,7.30,9pm; SRS Aditya: 9.45,10.45,12.35,1.35,2.15, 3.25,4.25,6.15,7.15,8.05,9.05,10.05,10.50pm ; SRS Jaipuria: 10.10,11.10,1.05,2,3.50, 4.50, 6.40,7.40,9.30,10.35pm; Wave Kaushambi: 9.30,11,12.15,1.30,2,3,4.30, 5.05, 5.45,7.15,8,8.30,10.45,11.15pm; Wave Ra­j­na­gar: 9.30,11,12.15,1.30,2,3,4.40,5.05, 5.45,7.25,8,8.30,10.45,11.15pm PAD­MAA­VAT

CAST: Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Ran­veer Singh

SYN­OP­SIS: Set in me­dieval Ra­jasthan, Queen Pad­ma­vati is mar­ried to a noble king and they live in a pros­per­ous fortress with their sub­jects un­til an am­bi­tious Sul­tan hears of Pad­ma­vati’s beauty and forms an ob­ses­sive love for the Queen of Me­war.

NORTH: M2K Pi­ta­m­pura: 10.15,1.15,7.45, 10.55; (3D): 4.30pm; M2K Ro­hini: 10.15, 7.45,10.55pm; (3D): 1.15pm; Movi­etime Pi­ta­m­pura: 9.55,3.45,7,10.05pm; PVR Prashant Vi­har: 9.15,4.30; (3D): 12,3.30, 7,10.30pm; PVR Shal­i­mar Bagh: 10.30,2, 5.30,9 pm; (3D): 12.15,3.45,7.15,10.45pm; SOUTH: M Cin­e­mas (3D): 11.10am,11.55 pm; PVR Icon Vas­ant Kunj: 11,12.30,6, 9.30; (3D) 10,12.45,4.15,7.45,7.45,11.15pm; Di­rec­tor’s Cut: 9.30am,9pm; (3D): 11.20,3,6.40,10.20pm; PVR Anu­pam: 10.30,2.20,10.30; (3D): 9,1,4.30,8,11.30pm; PVR Se­lect City Walk: 10,5.10pm; (3D): 9,12.30,4,7.30,11pm; Gold (3D): 9.45,1.15, 8pm; PVR Priya: 12.30,7pm; PVR 3C’S (3D): 3.45,10.45pm; PVR Chanakya: 10.30,3.35,10.35pm; (3D): 1,7.05pm; PVR Sangam (3D): 12,3.30,7,10.30pm; CEN­TRAL: Delite Di­a­mond (3D): 12,3.15, 6.40,10pm; PVR Plaza (3D): 1,7.30pm; PVR Rivoli (3D): 3.30,9.55pm; Odeon (3D): 12,3.15,6.30pm; WEST: Movi­etime Raja Gar­den: 12.20,1.15,2,3.35,5.05,7.05, 8.10,11.15 pm; (3D) 9.45am,9.25pm; Gold: 11am,10.20pm; PVR Naraina: 12,7,10.30; (3D): 9.30,1,4.30,8,11.30pm; PVR Pa­cific: 11,2.30,6,9.30 pm; (3D): 9,12.30,4,7.30, 11pm; PVR Vikaspuri: 4.30pm; (3D) 9.15, 12,3.30,7,10.30pm; Wave Raja Gar­den: 9.45,1,4.10,7.20,10.30pm; (3D): 6.45,10pm; NOIDA: Car­ni­val TGIP: 11,12,6.15pm; (3D): 10,1.15,4.30,7.45,11; Ebony (3D): 4pm; Car­ni­val Gr Noida: 10.45,2.15,8.30pm; (3D): 9.30,12.45,4,7.15,10.30pm; Movi­etime: 12.35,6.30pm; (3D): 3.45pm; Movi­etime Gr Noida: 10,1,1.05,4.10,7.15, 10.20pm; (3D): 9.30am; PVR Logix: 12.45,4.15,7.45,11.15 pm; (Imax 3D): 11.40, 3.10,6.40,10.10pm; Gold: 10.30,2,5.30, 9pm; DT MOIN: 10.45,2.15,5.45,9.15 pm; (3D) 12.30,4,7.30,11pm; Wave: 9.45,1,4.15, 7.30,11pm; (3D): 10.45,4.45,10.25pm; GUR­GAON: Car­ni­val Grand: 9,12,3.15pm; (3D): 10,1,4.15,7.30,10.45pm; Car­ni­val Palam Vi­har: 1,4.15,7.30pm; (3D): 9.45, 3.15,10.45pm; PVR Am­bi­ence: 2,9pm; (3D): 10.30am; (Imax 3D): 9,12.30,4,7.30, 11pm; Gold (3D): 11.15,2.45,6.15,9.45pm; PVR MGF: 11.30,3,6.30,10pm; (3D) 9.45, 1.15,4.45,8.15,11.45pm; PVR Sa­hara: 2.30, 9.30pm; (3D): 11, 6pm; PVR City Cen­ter: 12pm; (3D): 11,12.30,6,9.45pm; PVR Mega Mall: 11am; (3D): 12,3.30,7,10.30pm; PVR Star Mall: 11, 6pm; (3D) 2.30,9.30pm; SRS Omaxe: 3.40pm; (3D): 1.45,7.40pm; SRS Celebration: 12.50,9.45pm; (3D): 4.40pm; FARID­ABAD: PVR Crown: 11,6pm; (3D): 2.30,9.30pm; SRS Cin­e­mas (3D): 10.10,1.15,4.20,7.25,10.30pm; SRS Eldeco: 10,1.10,4.15,7.20,10.25pm; SRS Pris­tine: 10am; (3D): 1.15,4.20,7.25, 10.30pm; GHAZI­ABAD: Car­ni­val Kaushambi: 10.45,5.15pm; (3D): 9.15, 12.30,4,7.30,10.50pm; Car­ni­val Vaishali: 9.45,1,4.15,7.30,10.45pm; Car­ni­val Movie World: 3.30pm; (3D): 9.45,1,4.15,7.30, 10.45pm; Galaxie: 12,3.15,6.30, 7.15, 9.45pm; PVR EDM: 10,1.30 pm; (3D) 11.45,3.15,6.45,10.15 pm; PVR Ma­h­a­gun: 10.45,4,7.30,11pm; (3D) 10.45,2.15,5.45, 9.15pm; PVR Op­u­lent: 10,1.30pm; (3D) 11.45,3.15,6.45,10.15pm; PVR Ra­j­na­gar: 1pm; (3D) 11.15,2.45,6.15,9.45 pm; Sil­vercity: 1.30,4.30,10pm; SRS Aditya: 10.10,11.10,1.15,4.20, 5,7.25,10.30pm; SRS Jaipuria: 10am; (3D) 1.10,4.15,7.20, 10.25pm; Wave Kaushambi: 9.45,1,4.15, 7.30,10.40pm; (3D): 10.15am,10pm; Wave Ra­j­na­gar: 9.45,1,4.15,7.30,10.45pm; (3D): 10.15am,10.10pm

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