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Times have changed. We all want ev­ery­thing in writ­ing, show­ing that peo­ple have lost faith in each other. It’s ev­i­dent that we live in a trust-deficit world today. The sit­u­a­tion is so alarm­ing that we do not mind twist­ing what we said if it works to our ad­van­tage.

Has in­tegrity taken a back­seat in the scheme of things today? Peo­ple for­get the quote: “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

In ear­lier days, peo­ple stuck to their prom­ises even at the cost of per­sonal loss. In­tegrity was above all. The trust and back­ing of the fam­ily was a sort of ‘in­sur­ance’ and no­body ever doubted the fam­ily’s sup­port in times of distress. That feel­ing of as­sur­ance is no more, es­pe­cially be­cause today nu­clear fam­i­lies are the norm. Fam­ily sup­port sys­tem is miss­ing. Men­tal break­downs are a daily oc­cur­rence in our life. Chil­dren are forced to stuff all their feel­ings within them­selves. Back in the day, one could share and care with­out hes­i­ta­tion. Fam­ily val­ues have been washed away in the tor­ren­tial rains of moder­nity.

If a prom­ise can­not be kept, do not make it. Your word should have weight. Those who ful­fil their prom­ises com­mand re­spect not only from the in­di­vid­ual but also from so­ci­ety. Be pre­cise and clear about what we say and stick to our prom­ise—this would help in lead­ing a life that’s free of ten­sion. (In­ner Voice com­prises con­tri­bu­tions from our read­ers The views ex­pressed are per­sonal) in­ner­voice@hin­dus­tan­times.com

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