Rain­fall vs pol­lu­tion

Hindustan Times (Gurugram) - - Metro -

A short spell of scat­tered rain fails to wash off pol­lu­tants in the air, it only in­creases mois­ture LARGE RAIN DROPS Larger droplets means higher chances of wa­ter hit­ting par­tic­u­late mat­ter and re­duc­ing pol­lu­tion HIGH-VE­LOC­ITY RAIN

High-ve­loc­ity rain will cap­ture more pol­lu­tants HYDROPHILIC POL­LU­TANTS

Some pol­lu­tants are friendly with wa­ter and get eas­ily at­tached. When rain falls, they are washed away first SMALL RAIN DROPS Smaller rain droplets might miss par­ti­cles and fail to bring down pol­lu­tants LOW-VE­LOC­ITY RAIN

Low-ve­loc­ity rain drops might get de­flected by winds and may not be ef­fec­tive HY­DROPHO­BIC POL­LU­TANTS

Some par­ti­cles are scared of wa­ter and tend to bounce out of the way when wa­ter falls. They linger af­ter a shower

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