Pi­tra dosha can work pos­i­tively too

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Rahu can be morally un­wor­thy, but ma­te­ri­al­is­ti­cally it knows no bound­aries. It is known to blem­ish both the lu­mi­nar­ies, ie, the Sun and the Moon but it comes hardest on the Sun. It be­comes the chief con­spir­a­tor to blem­ish the Sun to give rise to Pi­tra Dosha. Sun, the nour­isher of all life, de­vel­ops holy traits in a na­tive but once this Sun gets stained by Rahu, the in­her­ent per­son­al­ity gets mod­i­fied, and the na­tive de­vel­ops an outer per­son­al­ity which is vir­tual, dark and il­lu­sion­is­tic. The Pi­tra Dosha “Rahu” in­fected Sun does not op­er­ate in its high en­ergy and spoils many do­mains of the na­tive which are hard to cor­rect un­less we ap­ply proper Karma cor­rec­tion.

Pi­tra Dosha makes a ma­nip­u­la­tor which can get con­verted to schemer and plot­ter; politi­cians have this Pi­tra Dosha work­ing for them. Venu­sian Rahu, while work­ing through its lower en­ergy, in­fects the Sun for Pi­tra Dosha. This re­sults in the per­son los­ing through fem­i­nine force, chiefly bring­ing dis­grace, but this en­ergy can be di­verted pos­i­tively to bring har­mony com­pas­sion and uni­ver­sal love. Mer­cu­rian Rahu, when work­ing through its lower en­ergy, gives sar­cas­tic and hurt­ful tongue, and also re­stricts the ex­pan­sion of the fam­ily, but this en­ergy can be redi­rected to make the Pi­tra Dosha work­ing for the na­tive with a won­der­ful sense of hu­mour; great stand up co­me­di­ans have this Pi­tra Dosha work­ing for them.

Mar­tian Rahu in­fect­ing the Sun for Pi­tra Dosha gives rise to deaths in the fam­ily but if di­ag­nosed early, the Mar­tian en­ergy can be di­rected to pos­i­tiv­ity and the fam­ily of the na­tive can flour­ish, which is again not let­ting the Pi­tra Dosha work neg­a­tively

Satur­nine Rahu bring­ing Pi­tra Dosha re­stricts growth, doesn’t let work flour­ish, and cre­ates ob­sta­cles, but if treated prop­erly, its higher en­ergy brings pros­per­ity. It is es­sen­tial to un­der­stand the true dis­tri­bu­tion of the karmic en­ergy of the plan­ets to in­flu­ence the Pi­tra Dosha pos­i­tively. A timely karma cor­rec­tion can un­doubt­edly ex­tract pos­i­tiv­ity out of the dreaded Pi­tra Dosha. Read more about it on https:// vinay­ba­jrangi.com/blog/ also. Some peo­ple miss es­sen­tial things at the last mo­ment even af­ter do­ing ex­cep­tion­ally well. Thus, Ketu has a say over cre­at­ing last min­utes hur­dles. Next week, my col­umn will ex­plain this. Con­nect with Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi, a PhD Scholar in Astrol­ogy at www. vinay­ba­jrangi.com or call 9278555588 or at 9278665588.

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