Take pre­cau­tions be­fore you get pierced

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From tra­di­tional set-ups to pop cul­ture, pierc­ings have found a place in al­most ev­ery strata of modern so­ci­ety. They also dou­ble up as a fash­ion state­ment, and that is es­pe­cially true prior to Navaratri, when many take their style to the next level by opt­ing for new pierc­ings that can be flaunted through­out the nine-day dance cel­e­bra­tions.

While get­ting pierced is of­ten con­sid­ered a sim­ple process than get­ting a tat­too, it is im­por­tant to pay care­ful at­ten­tion to how it is done and who does it, too.


Al­ways run a back­ground check on the piercer and if any of their former clients had is­sues with their pierc­ings. Also, make sure you choose the right metal and jewellery.


Pierc­ings are done in two ways: with a nee­dle or with a hand-held pierc­ing gun. Sunny Bhanushali, tat­too artist and founder, Aliens Tat­too Stu­dio, sug­gests the tra­di­tional style. “A pro­fes­sional will never rec­om­mend a pierc­ing gun. A pierc­ing gun pierces your skin and shoots out that part of your skin, whereas, a pierc­ing nee­dle ac­tu­ally pierces your skin by just tear­ing through it. The torn skin joins up again dur­ing the nat­u­ral heal­ing process. I would sug­gest one to al­ways go for pierc­ing nee­dles, as they are hy­gienic and safe,” says Bhanushali.


De­spite us­ing ster­ilised in­stru­ments, pierc­ings can get in­fected with­out proper care. Rahul Gaik­wad, tat­too artist, RK Tat­too And Pierc­ing Stu­dio, says, “Of­ten, peo­ple are ex­cited and do not have the pa­tience to wait for it to heal com­pletely. Pierc­ings are high main­te­nance. Do not touch your pierc­ing un­nec­es­sar­ily or put your weight on it. Also, clean the area twice a day. Do not wear tight cloth­ing in case of belly but­ton pierc­ings.”


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