Where to take cover? Ja­panese help­less over pos­si­ble strike

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TOKYO: Take cover in a sturdy build­ing or get un­der­ground. That’s the ad­vice given to the Ja­panese peo­ple in the event of a North Korean mis­sile strike.

But there are two big prob­lems: most homes are made of wood and lack a base­ment. In the coun­try­side, there is of­ten no build­ing made of con­crete.

And with only min­utes from launch to im­pact, there’s sim­ply no time to take cover.

As North Korea this week fired its sec­ond mis­sile over Ja­pan in less than a month and threat­ened to “sink” the coun­try into the sea, many Ja­panese feel a sense of help­less­ness in the face of the threat from Py­ongyang.

When the mis­sile was de­tected, the J-Alert sys­tem kicked in, warn­ings blared from loud­speak­ers, TV pro­gram­ming was in­ter­rupted and text mes­sages sent to ev­ery mo­bile phone.

Lo­cal author­i­ties and schools reg­u­larly stage drills to pre­pare res­i­dents in the event of a big earth­quake and this year many ex­er­cises in­cluded prac­tis­ing how to take cover if a mis­sile is launched.

But polls show the Ja­panese are far from blase about the threat. In a sur­vey pub­lished last week by the NHK chan­nel, 52% said they were “very wor­ried” and around one third said they were “wor­ried to some ex­tent.”

Only 2% said they were “not wor­ried at all.” AFP


Kim Jong Un dur­ing the launch of a Hwa­song­12 mis­sile at an undis­closed lo­ca­tion.

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