Un­der­stand the dif­fer­ence between fate and de­sire

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Some­times a long pend­ing wish ma­te­ri­al­izes, some other times dreams do not take long to bear fruits. But the most ag­o­niz­ing mo­ments are those when a sure-shot event fails to hap­pen or when a cal­cu­lated move fum­bles. What­so­ever be the re­sult, the fate of the na­tive takes the praise or the blame.

The Almighty has how­ever kept a bal­ance between the fate, will and free will of the na­tive. He has be­stowed on hu­mans spe­cific tools through which the na­tive could play with his stars and make things hap­pen as per his will.

Saturn is the judge among plan­ets. Its tran­sit over the na­tal horo­scope con­fers fate, ie, the na­tive gets the re­sults as per the karma ac­cu­mu­lated by him over the time, and one can­not al­ter it with what­ever rit­u­als. Jupiter is the granter of all boons and the guru among the plan­ets. Jupiter of­ten be­stows what the na­tive per­spires and wishes. Jupiter's tran­sit over the horo­scope re­wards the na­tive with in­stan­ta­neous booty which is known as free will.

It is fun­da­men­tally vi­tal to un­der­stand the dif­fer­ence between fate and the freewill which sep­a­rates through a frag­ile layer. Of­ten we try hard to make those things hap­pen that are gov­erned by fate, and we fail mis­er­ably as Saturn never budges. And some other time the freewill is there to be plucked but our mess-up with Saturn had been so in­tense that the op­por­tu­nity of free­bies slips away from our hands.

An ac­com­plished as­trologer is the one who can let the na­tive re­al­ize this dif­fer­ence of fate and free will, and helps the na­tive to un­der­stand what and when to strive for it. Many blessed souls fal­ter in their en­deav­ors be­cause ei­ther they lack in hav­ing an ex­cel­lent guide for them or be­cause they are high-headed (Saturn's last­ing ef­fect).

The whole con­cept is to cor­rect the karma and di­rect the na­tive in the di­rec­tion of least re­sis­tance. Those who will­fully in­cite all Gods for the ful­fill­ment of their de­sire should un­der­stand the art to strike a bal­ance between Saturn (Fate) and Jupiter (freewill). If you want help, then reach out to Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi at www. vinay­ba­jrangi.com or dial 9999113366 and 8800110563.

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