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So you’re quite the ath­lete year-round and would like to be fit even while mak­ing the most of your va­ca­tion? Here are sim­ple ex­er­cises, put to­gether by fit­ness coach Yak­isan Cag­das, which will work out your en­tire body. Thirty min­utes, three times per week, is what’s re­quired to main­tain your physique. Be­fore you start, a 15-minute jog will al­low you to avoid in­jury and pre­pare your body for the up­com­ing ef­fort.

Thighs and glutes

Stand with your feet spread to the width of your hips. Keep­ing your back straight, lower your­self to cre­ate a 90° an­gle at the knees. In­hale on the way down, al­ways through the nose, and ex­hale on the way up, al­ways through the mouth. Do five sets of 15 reps, at a medium pace, and re­cu­per­ate for 45 sec­onds in be­tween sets.

Up­per body and pecs

First, do some tra­di­tional push-ups, po­si­tion­ing your hands at shoul­der width. Keep your body as straight as pos­si­ble and fo­cus on keep­ing your ab­domen mus­cles con­tracted. Do two sets of 15 reps, go­ing down as near to the ground as pos­si­ble while in­hal­ing, and ex­hal­ing on the way up. Give your­self 45 sec­onds to re­cover in be­tween sets. This ex­er­cise will work all the mus­cles in your arms (bi­ceps, tri­ceps, del­toids, flex­ors, etc.) and the in­side pec­torals.

Arms and up­per back

For pull-ups, you’ll need to find some kind of bar. Keep your body straight, and grip the bar with your hands placed at shoul­der width. It’s im­por­tant that you grip the bar with your palms fac­ing you in or­der to max­imise the ef­fi­ciency of the ex­er­cise. Now, pull your­self up un­til your chin reaches the bar. Do two sets of 15 reps with a 45-sec­ond break in be­tween.


To be­gin, you’ll want to start in your ba­sic push-up po­si­tion, on your hands and toes fac­ing the ground. Keep your body straight and your abs tight. The idea here is to bring your knees up to your chest, one af­ter another, over and again as fast as pos­si­ble. Do three sets of 25, breath­ing with each move­ment. This works out all ab­domen mus­cles.

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