Want to smell good all day? Here’s are some sim­ple and use­ful tips

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Layer your per­fume and mois­turise your skin to make your fra­grance last all day.

Start with a warm shower. Use a shower gel, body wash or a scented soap and then spray the fra­grance once the body gets dry. Warm shower causes the skin pores to open and the fra­grance soaks up the scent bet­ter.

Af­ter shower, mois­turise skin with a gen­er­ous amount of fra­grance-free lo­tion or a body lo­tion. Mois­turised skin blends well with the per­fume en­sur­ing long last­ing fra­grance. On dry skin, the fra­grance will dis­si­pate faster.

Per­fumes tend to re­act with fluc­tu­at­ing body tem­per­a­ture through­out the day and emit scent ac­cord­ingly. To max­imise the ef­fect of the per­fume, ap­ply it on the pulse points as they tend to re­act with the warmth of blood and emit the fra­grance ac­cord­ingly. Wear the per­fume on wrist, in­side el­bows, the nape and on cleav­age. Also, never rub the area where per­fume is ap­plied as it breaks down and di­min­ishes the fra­grance.

Depend­ing on the fra­grance and the sea­son, it is ad­vis­able to spray a lit­tle on the clothes too, par­tic­u­larly in win­ters on sweaters for a longer last­ing smell. Thumb rule for spray­ing — al­ways spray the per­fume ap­prox­i­mately 15 to 20 cms away from the body. Spray­ing an even amount of fra­grance over a large area will have longer ef­fect than con­cen­trat­ing it over smaller spot on skin. Another way is to spray the fra­grance in air and slowly walk into the mist. This will evenly dis­trib­ute the fra­grance across the body and will last longer too.


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