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There’s no rea­son why you should walk out all sweaty, tired and sloppy from the gym? Here’s how to look re­ju­ve­nated af­ter a rig­or­ous work­out ses­sion:

Ban bac­te­ria: Wash your face with an an­ti­sep­tic face wash fol­lowed by dab­bing a pore-min­imis­ing as­trin­gent us­ing a cot­ton swab all over the face. It’ll min­imise open pores, help deep-cleanse and keep in­fec­tions, tox­ins, and acne at bay. Steamy fun: A steam-sauna bath af­ter work­out helps re­duce fur­ther weight, while the steam­ing ses­sion hy­drates the skin from deep within. Slather laven­der or rose­mary oil on the body for added ben­e­fits. Fol­low up with nor­mal to cool bath. The mane point: Keep the hair away from you face be­cause en­counter of dirty hair with fa­cial sweat can cause acne. Tie your hair in a bun — a sock bun or a messy one — or a sleek pony­tail. Ac­ces­sorise with colour­ful ban­danas and head bands to keep sweat away. Shun the red-faced you: For many of us, the face turns red af­ter a work­out. Dip a cot­ton ball in rose wa­ter and ap­ply spar­ingly all over the face – it’ll act as an in­stant toner and red­ness paci­fier on your skin. Al­ter­na­tively, freshly spurned aloe vera gel will act a hy­drat­ing agent and soothe ir­ri­ta­tion. Ban that stink: Bad smell is another draw­back of in­tense gym­ming. How­ever, avoid anti-per­spi­rant de­odor­ants as it may clog the pores of you armpits, caus­ing in­fec­tion and fur­ther smell. Go the old-school way and sprin­kle a flow­ery-fresh talc or an an­ti­sep­tic talc be­fore you leave for the gym. You can also keep used tea bags in­side your shoes to keep the fresh­ness on.

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