Easy ways to keep bad breath at bay

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Bad breath can be em­bar­rass­ing and un­bear­able for those around you. For­tu­nately, this prob­lem is easy to fix with a few sim­ple changes in your rou­tine. Here are a few tips to ban­ish bad breath.

1 Brush and floss af­ter ev­ery meal to re­duce the plaque buildup. Carry a tooth­brush and tooth­paste to work so that you can brush your teeth af­ter lunch. Floss­ing will re­move food de­bris from in be­tween the teeth. Do so af­ter ev­ery meal.

2 Opt a high fi­bre diet and re­duce car­bo­hy­drates. Such a diet makes the body re­lease ke­tones which keep the teeth nat­u­rally clean.

3 Re­duce in­take of gar­lic, onion or any strong odoured food. Use a mouth- wash af­ter hav­ing them. Also avoid to­bacco and smok­ing.

4 De­hy­dra­tion also causes bad breath, so stay hy­drated and drink plenty of wa­ter. Keep sip­ping wa­ter all day. It will keep your mouth clean and odour-free.

5 If you have a dry mouth, try suck­ing on a piece of sug­ar­less candy or chew sug­ar­less gum for 15-20 min­utes, avoid sugar mints to stim­u­late saliva flow. The saliva will help wash away food de­bris and bac­te­ria that cause bad breath.

6 Visit your den­tist ev­ery six months for scal­ing. You may not re­alise that you have gum dis­ease or tooth de­cay—but ei­ther of those com­mon mal­adies could be the source of bad breath.

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