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Singer Sonu Nigam (above, left), who re­ceived flak on Twit­ter for sup­port­ing con­tro­ver­sial spir­i­tual leader Radhe Maa (above, right) in a se­ries of tweets on Sun­day (Au­gust 16), wrote a long Face­book post de­fend­ing his stance and speak­ing against Twit­ter bul­ly­ing on Mon­day (Au­gust 18). “To my fel­low In­di­ans … To the peo­ple who both do, and don’t have the hon­esty to read a mes­sage in its real con­text, in­ter­est­ingly ... Over the years, we have cre­ated another kind of rowdy mob of hooli­gans, a Twit­ter Mob, that has no bound­aries (sic),” wrote Nigam, and added, “I have no clue who she is.. Never met her... But in my eyes, she’s some­one’s wife, some­one’s daugh­ter, and many oth­ers, call her a mother... if she’s proven guilty by the law, she’ll be pun­ished by law. Be­fore that, she’s as re­spectable a citizen as you and me.” While de­fend­ing the spir­i­tual guru, Nigam wrote in his first post, “Kaali Maa is de­picted in lesser clothes than Rad­hey Maa. Men Saad­hus can walk naked. Dance em­bar­rass­ingly, but it takes a rape charge to put them be­hind bars. So much for Gen­der equal­ity? Wanna sue, sue the fol­low­ers... Sue YOUR­SELVES.. For mak­ing them God men and women (sic).” Radhe Maa stirred up a con­tro­versy af­ter her pic­tures pos­ing in short western wear sur­faced online.

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