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1) Be nice, be kind: Ev­ery­thing you do on the in­ter­net is a re­flec­tion of you. Be­ing a douchebag is easy, but be­ing cul­tured re­quires ef­fort. So while putting up a sta­tus, don’t be ob­nox­ious. Just do a quick gut check and ques­tion your­self if you re­ally want to post it. Re­mem­ber, no­body wants to be as­so­ci­ated with neg­a­tiv­ity. 2) No judge­ment zone: You are here to meet new peo­ple, to con­nect. So when you start a con­ver­sa­tion, don’t be quick to as­sume or judge. Nor should you im­pose your opin­ions. Big­otry will not make you pop­u­lar. 3) Pro­file pic­ture please: If you’re putting your­self out there on so­cial media, then you might as well put up a de­cent pic­ture. No pic­tures of you hold­ing that python in your hand. On the other hand, no pro­file pic­ture at all makes it seem like a fake pro­file. 4) Avoid the so­cial media war: There is al­ways some kind of ar­gu­ment go­ing on or mean com­ments fly­ing here and there. There is al­ways some­one pro­vok­ing us into a so­cial media bat­tle. There­fore it’s easy to trip into such bat­tles. Pre­vent your­self from fall­ing into this trap by avoid­ing it al­to­gether. How­ever, if some­one is caus­ing real dam­age to your rep­u­ta­tion, re­spond with a sim­ple fac­tual re­sponse. And if need be, block that per­son.


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