‘Sal­man, Aamir and I can work in a film’

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The re­la­tion­ship be­tween Shah Rukh, Aamir and Sal­man has al­ways been of in­ter­est to their fans. SRK speaks about the pos­si­bil­ity of the three Khans work­ing to­gether. Ex­cerpts...

Farah Khan (film­maker) has said that ‘even God can’t bring the three Khans to­gether’...

That’s not true. Hon­estly, a lot of times, it’s dif­fi­cult to make a film with two lesser-known he­roes as both think of them­selves as stars (smiles). In this case, all three of us are ac­tu­ally stars (smiles). But, it won’t be a prob­lem. All three of us are hum­ble enough (to un­der­stand) that we are do­ing a film (to­gether). We have to choose a film in which all three of us are kind of equals. I think we should do Ghost­busters (re­make).

It will re­quire too much of hard­work to achieve that...

Sal­man said some­where there won’t be enough money (to make such a big film). But we can work on such points. Maybe, we can co-pro­duce the film. But some­one has to write an in­ter­est­ing film that the three of us can en­joy. I was read­ing the other day that Sa­jid (Na­di­ad­wala) wants to make such a film, but my point is, ‘write a story first’. If it (the film ) hap­pens, it’s great and even if it doesn’t, that’s also good. We don’t ex­ist be­cause we should be in cin­ema to­gether. In­stead, we ex­ist be­cause we should be in cin­ema. Pe­riod.

Have the three of you spo­ken about team­ing up?

One day, we were sit­ting and Sal­man cracked a joke which was like, ‘yaar hum log na saath mein pic­ture nahi karenge. Hum ladte hi ra­henge. Yeh di­maag la­gata ra­hega, tu jaldi jaldi khatam karega aur main time pe nahin aaunga’. So we dis­cuss stuff like this.

We have been hear­ing about your au­to­bi­og­ra­phy. Do you plan to write it all to­wards the end of your ca­reer?

Why the end of my ca­reer? I write even now. I have writ­ten a book. Ev­ery time I think I will pub­lish it, I find some­thing amiss. So it could be a new fail­ure or a new suc­cess which makes me feel, ‘I should write about this too’. I keep writ­ing, and I don’t know when to pub­lish it, if I ever will.


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