If you have been splash­ing around and wast­ing pa­per tow­els, it’s time you fixed your man­ners

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Guys, wear­ing de­signer clothes doesn’t make you cul­tured enough. To say that you have truly ar­rived, you need to be­gin with ba­sics. And wash­room eti­quettes must oc­cupy a prime space on that list. If you don’t know where to be­gin, here’s our guide to wash­room man­ners. Fol­low these un­spo­ken rules that can make the ex­pe­ri­ence of go­ing to the wash­room, a pleas­ant one.

An­nounce your pres­ence

If you are us­ing the stall and have the place for your­self, then go ahead, take your time, en­joy. How­ever, if you hear the door open, then you need to make your pres­ence known. Just a lit­tle cough would do to no­tify the other per­son. You don’t have to say hi or hello, just a lit­tle whiff would do.

Art of uri­nal se­lec­tion

Guys, if you have a choice, never ever se­lect a uri­nal op­po­site to the one al­ready in use. Look at it this way: if there are three va­cant uri­nals then go right or left. Leave the mid­dle one for some­one who is in a dire need. Why do this? Be­cause ob­vi­ously you don’t want to rub your shoul­ders with some­one, you don’t want to feel cramped.

Silent mode on

When you walk in to the loo, don’t be that guy who starts a con­ver­sa­tion and says, “Boy it smells nice here doesn’t it?” When you are in the loo, switch on your silent mode and do your thing. Don’t ever peek at the other guy. Value the space and pri­vacy of the other per­son. The only place your eyes should go is the mir­ror.

Say no to trin­kling around

You con­sider your­self civ­i­lized? Then don’t sprin­kle and trin­kle all over the place, Learn to aim, re­mem­ber that you have to flush and clean the toi­let seat if nec­es­sary. Don’t for­get to wash your hands and throw the pa­per tow­els and toi­let pa­per in the trash and not flush it down.

Don’t sleep

Some guys don’t get the con­cept of wash­room, they keep lin­ger­ing. Get in the loo, do your thing and get out. Wash­room isn’t the place to stop and smell the roses.

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