Log­ging in for love? Be care­ful, guys!

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Be care­ful as you tread the road of love in the world wide web. Ac­cord­ing to a re­cent study, if one gets hooked on to an online af­fair, it’s very dif­fi­cult to get off it as it al­most be­comes an ad­dic­tion. The study, by psy­chol­ogy lec­tur­ers An­dreas Vossler and Naomi Moller from The Open Univer­sity, re­cruited peo­ple who had ex­pe­ri­enced in­ter­net in­fi­delity — ei­ther hav­ing en­gaged in it them­selves or hav­ing found out that their part­ner had in­dulged.

“I tried to stop but nei­ther of us could, it would start again and since so easy, with all the tech­nol­ogy we carry around, it was an amaz­ingly com­fort­ing and sexy thing to have,” a par­tic­i­pant said. “With long work­ing hours an online re­la­tion­ship is like fast food, ready when we are, naughty, cheap, very of­ten eaten alone with­out the ex­haus­tion of so­cial niceties,” the par­tic­i­pant added.

A woman, who has been at the re­ceiv­ing end of in­ter­net in­fi­delity said: “I have a deep mis­trust in the in­ter­net, in­ter­net and feel it mas­sively fa­cil­i­tates in­fi­delity. My ex-hus­band is in­her­ently a very shy man, but online he is able to act much more con­fi­dently and at­tract the at­ten­tion of other women. I strongly be­lieve he would not have had so many af­fairs with­out the in­ter­net,” she said. The re­search, based on an anony­mous online sur­vey among 20 to 73-year-olds con­firmed that many par­tic­i­pants think that the in­ter­net makes in­fi­delity more likely. Find­ings re­vealed that the in­ter­net made covert con­tact with another per­son easy and had a dis-in­hibit­ing ef­fect, mak­ing it eas­ier to en­gage in be­hav­iour that might be avoided in real life.

The study found that the ef­fects of in­ter­net in­fi­delity can be as trau­matic as face-to-face adul­tery. “What our re­search has re­vealed is that men and women do see in­ter­net in­fi­delity dif­fer­ently. But it is not just a gen­der di­vide, in­fi­delity online can vary from per­son to per­son,” Vossler said.

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