Here’s how to sculpt your face nat­u­rally

Ex­perts say that in­cor­po­rat­ing a fa­cial work­out in your daily fit­ness rou­tine can help slim down your face; we list 10 such ex­er­cises that you can try

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While main­tain­ing over­all fit­ness is the need of the hour, and ex­er­cis­ing dif­fer­ent parts of the body is es­sen­tial, peo­ple of­ten ig­nore the fa­cial mus­cles. There are sev­eral fa­cial ex­er­cises that act on the mus­cles of the face as well as the lay­ers of skin, thereby in­creas­ing blood cir­cu­la­tion. They help in re­duc­ing lines and pre­ma­ture wrin­kles, and re­sult in nat­u­rally sculpted face. In fact, these ex­er­cises are also eas­ier and safer al­ter­na­tives to cos­metic ther­a­pies or Bo­tox in­jec­tions.

Here, we list a few ex­er­cises that you can do five days a week, in just about half an hour.

* Ex­er­cises 1, 2 and 3 must be done in that or­der.

3 BLINK AND MISS: Con­sciously and rhyth­mi­cally blink your eyes for about three to four sec­onds. This keeps your eyes well-hy­drated, and soothes the mus­cles around the eyes.

8 THE SHOCKED STARE: Stare at a dis­tant ob­ject with wide eyes, as if you are shocked at what you are wit­ness­ing. This in­creases blood cir­cu­la­tion to your eyes. This also helps in re­duc­ing eye bags and puffi­ness around the eyes. It also re­duces non­genetic dark cir­cles. Do this for five sec­onds to be­gin with, three to four times a day.

5 BAL­LOON BLBLOWING: Blow the cheeks as if you are in­flat­ing a bal­loon, and then hold your lips to­gether as if you are whistling. This ex­er­cise helps re­duce laugh lines. This also firms mus­cles of the lips. This should be done for a few sec­onds, at least four to five times a day.



POUT: Pout like the mouth of a gold fish. This one is es­pe­cially use­ful for the chin and the cheeks. Try this at least three to four times a day.


KISS MISS: Em­u­late the ges­ture of a fly­ing kiss with a poker straight face. This is a highly ef­fec­tive fa­cial ex­er­cise. It strength­ens the mus­cles around the mouth, and pre­vents sag­ging. Do it four to five times with­out a break.

THE STRETCH: Con­tract­ing and re­lax­ing the neck by pulling it up­wards and side­ways helps tone the neck and the chin. Do this only for a few sec­onds, three to four times a day.

JAW DROP: Sit up, drop your lower jaw, and push your jaw out­wards, as far as it can go un­til you feel a ten­sion build up in your cheeks, near your ears. Hold this po­si­tion for 10 sec­onds, and then draw your jaw in­wards. Re­peat this 10 times. This can help you de­fine your jaw­line, and get rid of your dou­ble-chin.




SUR­PRISE, SUR­PRISE: Scrunch your fore­head gen­tly by rais­ing both your eye­brows as if you are sur­prised. This strength­ens the fore­head mus­cles, and pre­vents wrin­kles in the long run. Do this three to four times a day.



Act like you aare chew­ing ggum. This works on flac­cid cheek mus­cles, it helps make them less chubby and more shapely.

FROWN­ING GLORY: Scrunch your eye­brows as if you are frown­ing, and then re­lax the fore­head. This is es­pe­cially ef­fec­tive in deal­ing with crow’s feet. Do this three to four times a day.


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