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(SEPT 24 - OCT 23) A mat­ri­mo­nial al­liance may get you into two minds, so wait and watch the de­vel­op­ments. Avoid im­pul­sive­ness or you may re­gret it. A friend may be a great sound­ing board for some­thing weigh­ing heavy on your mind. Don’t let your fo­cus wa­ver on the aca­demic front. Ro­man­tic thoughts may flood your mind and seek ex­pres­sion.

Lucky No: 3 Lucky Colour: Beige ARIES

(MAR 21 - APR 20) It is bet­ter to be safe than sorry, so act ac­cord­ingly. A busy sched­ule is en­vis­aged at work to­day. You may make plans for an out of town trip to meet some­one close to you. Part­ner re­mains un­der­stand­ing and helps you in get­ting rid of your past emo­tional bag­gage. You will need to be more tol­er­ant to­wards those whom you are not par­tic­u­larly fond of.

Lucky No: 15 Lucky Colour: Indigo TAURUS

(APR 21 - MAY 20) You may be busy but don’t ne­glect im­por­tant things. Be more as­sertive in get­ting the mes­sage across if you want the other party to re­spond pos­i­tively. A deal on the busi­ness front shows all signs of get­ting you into big money. Aim at es­tab­lish­ing your­self on the aca­demic front.

Lucky No: 2 Lucky Colour: Light Blue SCORPIO

(OCT 24 - NOV 22) Learn to be open to giv­ing a free hand to ju­niors time. Im­prove­ment in your skills will add to your pro­fes­sional rep­u­ta­tion. You know how to ap­ply your­self to the task at hand, which is good for men­tal sat­is­fac­tion at work. Those driv­ing alone should avoid late night outs. You may get in­volved in a prop­erty dis­pute.

Lucky No: 2 Lucky Colour: White GEMINI

(MAY 21 - JUN 21) Don’t get bogged down by de­tails — look at the big pic­ture. Don’t ig­nore some­thing im­por­tant at work. On the aca­demic front, you gen­er­ally re­main busy in work. House­hold is­sues will be han­dled by homemak­ers. Money com­ing from a num­ber of sources is likely to raise your spir­its. Love life re­mains sat­is­fac­tory.

Lucky No: 18 Lucky Colour: Rosy brown SAGITTARIUS

(NOV 23 - DEC 21) Be more ac­com­mo­dat­ing of some­one des­per­ate. Tol­er­ate those who triv­i­alise work mat­ters. A prop­erty mat­ter may turn favourable. Work­place may bus­tle with ac­tiv­ity in some­one’s an­tic­i­pa­tion. Guests may brighten the home front. You will be able to con­vince a col­league to sup­port your ideas at work.

Lucky No: 17 Lucky Colour: Green CAN­CER

(JUNE 22 - JULY 22) Not main­tain­ing good re­la­tions with some­one close may cost you. Re­main aloof with some­one try­ing to boss you at work. Don’t take a short­cut on the aca­demic front. Bring the fun el­e­ment back into your love life. Your en­cour­age­ment is likely to re­store the self­con­fi­dence of some­one dear to you.

Lucky No: 9 Lucky Colour: Pur­ple CAPRICORN

(DEC 22 - JAN 21) Be­ing a bet­ter per­son is what counts in the long run. You may take an ex­cep­tion of the strict su­per­vi­sion be­ing ex­er­cised on you, but con­vey this in a mild man­ner. Help­ing out in an as­sign­ment may win you brownie points. You may spend more. So­cial life re­mains en­joy­able, as you keep in touch with all.

Lucky No: 22 Lucky Colour: Vi­o­let LEO

(JULY 23 - AUG 23) Chang­ing plans mid­way may ham­per progress. Keep com­mu­ni­cat­ing with part­ner to avoid any kind of misun­der­stand­ing. At work, you may be en­trusted with an im­por­tant as­sign­ment. Dif­fer­ences in a re­la­tion­ship are likely to dis­ap­pear. Fam­ily will en­sure your com­fort. You will man­age to sta­bilise the fi­nan­cial front.

Lucky No: 7 Lucky Colour: Le­mon AQUARIUS

(JAN 22 - FEB 19) You may be sur­prised at some­one not in­ter­act­ing with you. Busi­ness­men may see an up­ward trend. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you will be able to tackle dif­fi­cult tasks. Be sym­pa­thetic to some­one who needs it. Fi­nan­cially, you re­main sta­ble and may seek some lu­cra­tive in­vest­ment op­tions. Love life re­mains most ful­fill­ing. Lucky No: 11 Lucky Colour: Light grey VIRGO

(AUG 24 - SEPT 23) Lead­ing by ex­am­ple is the need of the hour. Do what­ever is in your power to curry favour with higher ups. Don’t ex­pect im­me­di­ate suc­cess on the aca­demic front. Dif­fer­ences in mar­i­tal life can­not be ruled out for some, but time will prove a great healer. An un­wise in­vest­ment may cul­mi­nate in mon­e­tary loss.

Lucky No: 8 Lucky Colour: Elec­tric Blue PISCES

(FEB 20 - MAR 20) Some­one cre­at­ing hur­dles for you needs to be given back in the same coin. Fi­nan­cial front re­mains strong and al­lows you to splurge. Don’t give your opin­ion about any­one, it may re­bound on you. Some­thing achieved on the aca­demic front may boost your stand­ing. A new lifestyle will find you health­ier.

Lucky No: 1 Lucky Colour: Baby Pink

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