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Q When will I have my own house?

(Arvind, New Delhi) Pos­si­bil­ity ap­pears to be from 19th July 2016 to 18t July 2018. How­ever, strong pos­si­bil­ity pre­vails in the later part of 2017 or in the 1st part of 2018. Wear emer­ald and turquoise to ful­fil dreams.

QW hen will I get a job or go abroad?

(Amit Garg, Rohtak) Pos­si­bil­ity of go­ing abroad is in­di­cated but I don’t fore­see any set­tle­ment there. How­ever, time of get­ting the job looks to be from 20th May 2016 to 19th May 2018 . Wear white sap­phire and pearls for speedy re­sults.

Q When will I get a good job? Will I set­tle abroad ever?


Bha­tia, Meerut) Pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting a job looks be in the later part of 2016. Yours is a for­eign linked horo­scope and hence go­ing abroad and set­tling down there seems to be quite strong. Emer­ald and turquoise would bring luck and pros­per­ity.

Q What are my ca­reer prospects and how is my mar­ried life?

(Jatin Agar­wal, Gur­gaon) You are in the main pe­riod of Mercury till Aug 2016 that does not prom­ise many sat­is­fac­tory re­sults. How­ever, pro­fes­sion­ally you will have a very sound stand­ing. The suc­cess of the mar­riage would de­pend upon the com­pat­i­bil­ity of the horoscopes. Wear yel­low sap­phire and red co­ral for ex­pe­di­tious re­sults.

Q Will will I be blessed with child?

(Aarti Bansal, Palam­pur) The pos­si­bil­ity of be­ing blessed with the child seems to be from 27th Aug 2016 to 26th Aug 2018. Es­pe­cially 2017 seems to be quite re­sult ori­ented on this end. Wear emer­ald and turquoise for speedy re­sults.

Q When I will go abroad & get set­tle with my fam­ily?

(Sheena, New Delhi) Go­ing abroad is much in­di­cated in your birth chart. Its ma­te­ri­al­i­sa­tion seems to be from 15th Oct 2016 to 14th Oct 2018. Wear emer­ald and turquoise for good luck and pros­per­ity.

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