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Q Will I suc­ceed in a job or in busi­ness?

(Yo­gesh, New Delhi) You will be highly suc­cess­ful in your busi­ness but pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting a job first seems to be very much stronger. Wear emer­ald and turquoise to get good re­wards.

Q How will my ca­reer shape up?

(Ku­nal, Palam­pur) New de­vel­op­ments on the ca­reer front are fore­seen from May 10, 2016 to May 9, 2017. Wear yel­low sap­phire and red co­ral for bet­ter luck and pros­per­ity.

Q When will I go abroad? Will I get a job and be well-set­tled there?

(Madhu, Gur­gaon) Pos­si­bil­ity of go­ing abroad is highly in­di­cated in your birth chart but I don’t fore­see any set­tle­ment there. Test out Blue Sap­phire for ex­pe­di­tious re­sults.

Q When will I go abroad?

(Vi­jay Grewal, New Delhi) Yours is a for­eign-linked horo­scope and I fore­see your ul­ti­mate set­tle­ment over­seas. Things would start tak­ing shape on the de­sired front from De­cem­ber 12, 2015 to De­cem­ber 14, 2016. Wear white sap­phire and pearls to reap good re­wards in your life.

Q When will I get mar­ried? Am I a Man­g­lik?

(Me­hak, Rohtak) You are Man­g­lik. Match­ing of the horoscopes would be must to main­tain con­ju­gal hap­pi­ness. Pos­si­bil­ity you get­ting mar­ried will either be be­fore Oc­to­ber 11, 2016 or when you turn 30. Wear emer­ald and turquoise for good luck.

Q When will my financial con­di­tion im­prove?

(Ka­mal Ma­ha­jan, New Delhi) You will have to strug­gle till March 2016. Things would im­prove re­mark­ably af­ter that. Emer­ald and turquoise would help in im­prov­ing your fi­nances.

Q When will I have my own house?

(Ra­man, Meerut) Pos­si­bil­ity of own­ing the house ap­pears to be from June 20, 2016 to June 19, 2018. Wear yel­low sap­phire and red co­ral.

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