‘Tiger and Akki are the fittest stars’

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Ac­tor-pro­ducer Dino

Morea (above, right), who is al­ways known for hav­ing a fit physique, con­sid­ers ac­tors

Tiger Shroff (above) and Ak­shay Ku­mar (top) as the fittest ac­tors in the in­dus­try.

“Ac­cord­ing to me, among the younger lot, it’s Tiger be­cause I have played a lot of sports with him. When he was in school, we used to play a lot of bas­ket­ball to­gether and I know his level of fit­ness. And I think he is one of the fittest kids to­day,” says Dino, adding, “In the older age bracket, Ak­shay Ku­mar is very fit. He takes his train­ing very se­ri­ously.”

Does he also find top stars like Sal­man Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to be fit? “I am sure they work out, go to the gym and all. Sal­man right now is look­ing huge for his new film as a wrestler. They are all fit, but if you talk about ex­treme fit­ness, I’d put Tiger and Ak­shay first. The lev­els of fit­ness that I’m talk­ing about, which Tiger and Ak­shay possess, if they (Khans) work really harder, they could achieve that.”

“There is a huge mis­con­cep­tion in our in­dus­try that fit­ness is only at­tain­ing a six-pack and be­ing all bulky. That’s not fit­ness, you need to be able to play a sport. Over­all, fit­ness is your nu­tri­tion, your diet and your life­style. Ev­ery­thing re­volves around fit­ness,” he adds.

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