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(MAR 21 - APR 20)

You are likely to re­sume what you had to dis­con­tinue in the wake of pre­vail­ing cir­cum­stances. Ad­di­tional hours spent at work may up­set your per­sonal plans. Your beloved is likely to plan a fun out­ing on the ro­man­tic front. A short jour­ney to take a break from the rou­tine is pos­si­ble for some. Re­fur­bish­ing the house can be on your mind, but con­sider its fi­nan­cial as­pect. Lucky Num­ber: 2 Lucky Colour: Deep Sky Blue


(APR 21 - MAY 20)

Some­one un­der you at work may need a bit of spoon feed­ing, but don’t give up on him or her yet. Men­tal ten­sions putting you un­der stress on the per­sonal front are likely to dis­ap­pear. Mon­e­tary sat­is­fac­tion is guar­an­teed, as your earn­ing is set to in­crease. A fam­ily func­tion may need to be at­tended at the ex­pense of some­thing im­por­tant. Ro­man­tic as­pi­ra­tions may re­main within your heart to­day due to paucity of time. Lucky Num­ber: 11 Lucky Colour: Baby Pink


(MAY 21 - JUNE 21)

Re­main­ing highly crit­i­cal of those you don’t like may make you a per­pet­ual whiner. So, turn your fo­cus on pos­i­tive things. A good turn by some­one at work is likely to make your day. Your pres­tige in your so­cial cir­cle is likely to rise, due to your help­ful and un­der­stand­ing na­ture. Flirt­ing won’t hurt you, so why not en­joy while it lasts! Not bank­ing upon any­one and re­main­ing in­de­pen­dent will prove has­sle-free. Lucky Num­ber: 8 Lucky Colour: Vi­o­let


(JUNE 22 - JULY 22)

Your help­ful at­ti­tude is likely to get re­warded to­day. Play safe, in case you are forced to take sides. What­ever you have saved up till now will serve you well and con­trib­ute to­wards your com­fort. You are likely to be­come health con­scious and take up daily ex­er­cise in the right earnest. Some­one who has a soft cor­ner for you may stir ro­man­tic feel­ings within your heart. A trip with friends prom­ises much fun and thrills.

Lucky Num­ber: 1 Lucky Colour: Peach


(JULY 23 - AUG 23)

Get­ting even with some­one may be on the top of your mind. On the mon­e­tary front, don’t sweat the small stuff. You may ef­fec­tively set­tle a pend­ing pro­fes­sional is­sue to­day. Spear­head­ing a team of spe­cial­ists can­not be ruled out for those in the higher ech­e­lons of the gov­ern­ment. Re­main geared up to de­liver your best on the aca­demic front. Try to get so­cially in by be­ing more wel­com­ing. Lucky Num­ber: 2 Lucky Colour: Peach


(AUG 24 - SEPT 23)

Strive to gain the con­fi­dence of those who will be of help to you in the fu­ture. Hon­est work gets paid, so don’t have any ap­pre­hen­sions of be­ing no­ticed by those who mat­ter. Your love and care is likely to nurse a fam­ily mem­ber back to health. Some de­lay is fore­seen in the com­ple­tion of an im­por­tant task. Do some fi­nan­cial plan­ning be­fore putting your money in a ven­ture or scheme. Fam­ily seems most sup­port­ive.

Lucky Num­ber: 7 Lucky Colour: Grey


(SEPT 24 - OCT 23)

There is a pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting over­strained, if you don’t slow down. Point out your achieve­ments to higher ups at work to earn credit or you may get over­looked. Love beck­ons you to­day and an out­ing with the one you love can­not be ruled out. You may put some­thing im­por­tant on the back­burner, as you have other pri­or­i­ties. Be wary of over­spend­ing to avoid over­stretch­ing your bud­get. Fo­cus on health now. Lucky Num­ber: 22 Lucky Colour: In­digo


(OCT 24 - NOV 22)

Peo­ple you hate may not be as bad as you think they are, so re­view your as­sump­tions. Be con­sid­er­ate to some­one who is go­ing all out to please you. You may add to your wealth, as your ef­forts prom­ise to bring in a lot of money. Per­sis­tence at work will pay and help you es­tab­lish your­self. You may throw a party or or­gan­ise some­thing for your near and dear ones on the so­cial front. Health may need care.

Lucky Num­ber: 1 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown


(NOV 23-DEC21)

A hec­tic day is fore­seen that may see you hav­ing a great time vis­it­ing new places. Things del­e­gated at work will be com­pleted to your sat­is­fac­tion. Pos­i­tive de­vel­op­ments on the prop­erty front will keep you in an up­beat mood. Un­ex­pected ex­pen­di­ture may need to be in­curred to­day. You may not feel on the top of the world where health is con­cerned and may need a med­i­cal opin­ion. Ro­man­tic as­pi­ra­tions are best kept on the back­burner for now. Lucky Num­ber: 9 Lucky Colour: White


(DEC 22-JAN 21)

Ad­di­tional re­spon­si­bil­i­ties may be placed on your shoul­ders at work. Stick to your prom­ise, if you don’t want to see your spouse with a swollen face. A se­nior at work can keep you wait­ing for a de­ci­sion, but it will be in your favour. Rein­vest­ing re­turns from pre­vi­ous in­vest­ments will be a step in the right di­rec­tion. Some­one’s hon­est opin­ion about you may prove hurt­ful, but it will be the truth.

Lucky Num­ber: 5 Lucky Colour: Turquoise


(JAN 22 -FEB 19)

Send­ing the right sig­nals to some­one will help get your ca­reer on the track. Don’t be too gen­er­ous on the aca­demic front, as you can be beaten to the post. De­vel­op­ments on the ro­man­tic front ap­pear most en­cour­ag­ing and may make you feel on the top of the world. Stars ap­pear strong for the el­i­gi­ble for get­ting a suit­able mat­ri­mo­nial al­liance. Some­one from out of town may come a call­ing and brighten your day. Lucky Num­ber: 17 Lucky Colour: For­est Green


(FEB 20 - MAR 20)

Mak­ing the most of the op­por­tu­nity that has pre­sented it­self is the need of the hour. Your sup­port to some­one will help him or her get es­tab­lished in their pro­fes­sional field. Get­ting charge of some­thing im­por­tant can­not be ruled out for some. Much car­ing and shar­ing is likely to keep you happy and con­tented at home. You are likely to add to your wealth by choos­ing some good in­vest­ment op­tions.

Lucky Num­ber: 6 Lucky Colour: Light Or­ange

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