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I have been in a long-dis­tance re­la­tion­ship with my for­mer class­mate. He is close to his fe­male best friend. And her posts are all over his Instagram and Face­book ac­counts. I get hurt when I see their cute com­ments. I get jeal­ous, and end up get­ting an­gry with my guy. He says they are just friends. I can’t even tell him to cut ties with her as it won’t be right. What should I do? Tr­isha

Tr­isha, jeal­ousy is very nor­mal, and takes all shapes and forms. As a young boy I was jeal­ous of a pink hand­bag, that my mother used to own. Till to­day, I’m not com­fort­able around hand­bags, al­though I’m gen­er­ally okay with check-in bag­gage and haver­sacks. Hav­ing said that, my first teacher Wil­liam Shake­speare said Cow­ards die many time be­fore their death ... so why are you pre-empt­ing bad news? You need to be flex­i­ble not rigid. But maybe a lit­tle so­cial con­tact from your side will keep him in check, if you know what I mean.

Ev­ery­body, in­clud­ing my par­ents, likes my boyfriend. But, I have be­trayed him by be­ing in touch with my ex from the time we started dat­ing. My ex thinks that I have bro­ken up with my boyfriend. He treats me like his girl­friend. I have feel­ings for him, and want to date him again. What should I do? PK

PK how does it mat­ter if your par­ents like your boyfriend? From now on when you buy un­der­wear do you first get your par­ents opin­ion on which one to buy? The only ques­tions you need to ask your­self is, ‘Who do you like?’ If it was a choice be­tween cars I would def­i­nitely helped you choose one or the other. But boyfriends are not that im­por­tant. So you need to ask your­self which one you would save if both were hang­ing from a cliff ! And I know your tempted to an­swer, ‘The Cliff ’ but please choose one boy.

I am in love with a girl. I even pro­posed to her. She turned down my pro­posal be­cause she is dat­ing some­one else. Her boyfriend has even cheated on her and now, she can’t trust any­one. What should I do? VG

VG ro­mance isn’t like pol­i­tics. You can’t just move to an­other party ev­ery 30 sec­onds. If she is dat­ing some­one you can’t ex­pect her to fall for you ev­ery time the 9 o’clock news is on. Now in olden-day Hon­duras if any man was found to be cheat­ing on his wife, he was asked to fill a bar­rel with hot oil. Then the per­son who squealed on him was pushed into the bar­rel. So pop­u­lar was this custom that soon the oil busi­ness in Hon­duras was boom­ing. She has turned you down once, she needs to sort out her own life. If she doesn’t mind hav­ing you around feel free to play the ‘wait­ing’ game, but for now don’t rush her.

It’s been four years since I like a very close fam­ily friend. And, be­cause he has a girl­friend, I don’t think I will ever be able to date him. I have gen­uine feel­ings for him. What should I do? PS

PS, you need to draw in­spi­ra­tion from Steve McQueen’s char­ac­ter in the film, The Great Es­cape. Of course you are not try­ing to es­cape. You are in fact shame­lessly try­ing to get caught. Any­way, Steve McQueens’s char­ac­ter had a plan to es­cape from a prison of war camps, in World War 11. You need a plan too. You need to start ‘patao­ing” the guy in a way he doesn’t ini­tially know he’s be­ing “pataoed”. Un­til the line be­tween friend­ship and love gets blurred. Form a plan and then stick to it.

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