Eat right for a healthy liver

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Do you feel bloated af­ter a heavy meal? Do you suf­fer from nau­sea, in­di­ges­tion and heart­burn in the morn­ing? Are you moody or ir­ri­ta­ble? Do you have bad breath or a coated tongue in the morn­ing? Are you mid­dleaged and have sud­denly be­come prone to al­ler­gies, skin rashes and asthma? Is your mem­ory and con­cen­tra­tion de­plet­ing? If you have an­swered ‘yes’ to most of these ques­tions, then, chances are that you have a slug­gish liver.

The above symp­toms of mild liver dys­func­tion may oc­cur even if all your liver func­tion tests are nor­mal. If your blood has high choles­terol, triglyc­erides, low HDL and high LDL, and if you suf­fer from headaches, fluid re­ten­tion, high blood pres­sure, chronic fa­tigue, ex­ces­sive body heat, con­sti­pa­tion, flat­u­lence, in­abil­ity to tol­er­ate fried and fatty foods, re­duced tol­er­ance to al­co­hol, hy­po­gly­caemia, fre­quent colds and re­duced im­mu­nity, it’s time to start cleans­ing your liver.

The liver pro­vides glu­cose to the blood when­ever you have low blood sugar or hy­po­gly­caemia. It stores glu­cose in the form of glyco­gen. It stores vi­ta­min A, B and D. It also stores min­er­als like iron and cop­per. Ex­ces­sive amounts of these vi­ta­mins in the form of sup­ple­ments can prove to be toxic. The liver is the main or­gan in­volved in the detox­i­fi­ca­tion process. Tox­ins en­ter our body through preser­va­tives and pes­ti­cides in food, pro­cessed and fried food, syn­thetic colours, flavour­ing agents, ex­po­sure to drugs, steroids, etc. These chem­i­cals build up in the liver. And, if your liver is not healthy, and is un­able to detox­ify these chem­i­cals, they get in­cor­po­rated into the cells of body or­gans, mus­cles and joints. These chem­i­cals play havoc with the joints and mus­cles. Our im­mune sys­tem recog­nises these chem­i­cal­filled cells as for­eign cells and pro­duces an­ti­bod­ies to at­tack our own cells. So, an un­healthy liver brings down one’s im­mu­nity and gives rise to a spec­trum of anti-im­mune dis­eases like lu­pus, arthri­tis, etc.

Veg­eta­bles such as car­rots and beet­roots are ben­e­fi­cial as they con­tain an­tiox­i­dants, which can help detox­ify the liver, im­prove our me­tab­o­lism, in­crease en­ergy lev­els and achieve op­ti­mum health. Wheat­grass juice and al­falfa seeds con­tain chloro­phyll, which acts on the liver tox­ins. A glass of lime juice helps in liver cleans­ing too. Seafood is rich in the amino acid tau­rine, one of the cru­cial nu­tri­ents for the re­moval of tox­ins from the body.


Eat more veg­eta­bles and greens for a fit liver

Eat right for a healthy liver

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