Some love ad­vice this Valen­tine’s Day

To­day, woo your part­ner by keep­ing in mind some of th­ese key tips from our cel­e­brated res­i­dent astrologer, Dr Prem Ku­mar Sharma

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Aries Mar 21-Apr 20 DO’S

Aries have an ac­tive and vi­brant spirit to them. Of­ten you will find your­self hav­ing to in­crease your pace to keep up with them. Frank­ness is al­ways ap­pre­ci­ated. Per­haps a pic­nic in the great out­doors or some trav­el­ling with your part­ner might bring out the best in them this Valen­tine’s Day.


Be tact­ful when you tell an Aries that he/she is wrong. They can be volatile. Aries are faith­ful and pas­sion­ate, so be­ware of mak­ing them jeal­ous. Do your best to spend some qual­ity time alone with your part­ner and some­thing spe­cial might just hap­pen.

LEO Jul 23-Aug 23 DO’S

Learn to give your Leo part­ner re­spect by lis­ten­ing to his/her ad­vice. Leo’s love to do all things in great style and pomp, are eas­ily won by flat­tery. So give them a chance to dress in their finest and find a place with tons of pos­i­tive en­ergy around to bring out the best in them. Be­ing the cen­tre of at­trac­tion never hurt a Leo af­ter all.


Be care­ful with their egos. Van­ity is one of their big­gest draw­backs. They dis­like gloom and de­pres­sion and peo­ple of that na­ture. So even if you feel down, don’t let it show. Just let turn a sigh into a smile. So keep things up-beat, brush­ing off ir­ri­ta­tions.


Sag­gi­tar­ius are the happy-go-lucky kinds, full of en­thu­si­asm for life. So there’s not much more you need to do to make them any hap­pier, although plan­ning some­thing spe­cial to­gether that’s full of pos­i­tive spirit might make your day to­gether even bet­ter. Ex­plor­ing a new city or an in­ter­est­ing part of the one you live in, might bring out the ex­plo­rative spirit in him/her.


They are fiercely in­de­pen­dent and can­not tol­er­ate re­stric­tions. So let them en­joy their free­dom. Some­times their frank ways can al­most be seen as rude, so don’t be put off by that, learn to em­brace it in­stead.

TAURUS Apr 21-May 20 DO’S

They are artists by na­ture and love the beauty of liv­ing. They love to en­joy all that wealth can of­fer them. Food and drinks are a sure way to en­joy their com­pany in hap­pi­ness. Also any­thing art re­lated is sure to bring out the best in them too.

They do not lose their tem­pers eas­ily, but don’t push your luck as they may burst up with you hav­ing a slight­est idea. Don’t press them into tight cor­ners or be un­rea­son­able with them. Just give them their own space to be com­fort­able within and spend some time to­gether and your day will be ab­so­lutely fine.

VIRGO DON’TS Aug 24-Sep 23 DO’S

Virgo’s feel a deep sense of duty and are very me­thod­i­cal. Tak­ing a keen in­ter­est in their pas­sions will make your time to­gether more en­joy­able as they go out of their way to help. A quiet evening to­gether should do the trick, along with a healthy dose of con­ver­sa­tion.


Virgo’s shun the lime­light by na­ture so don’t push them into it. They hold fast to their se­crets so learn to re­spect their pri­vacy. Don’t try to dig in too much. Too much pomp and ac­tiv­ity is not go­ing to im­press them as they feel very com­fort­able, so plan some­thing cozy, pri­vate and peace­ful.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 21 DO’S

A Capricorn’s out­look is built on a con­ser­va­tive and prac­ti­cal base, with so­cial sta­tus and im­age be­ing ev­ery­thing to them. Maybe spend­ing some time to­gether at a party or place that’s been on ev­ery­one’s wish list over the last few days will win them over. so, got for it!


Make sure that what ever you plan, you plan thor­oughly. It should be smooth and bump-free. Noth­ing puts a Capricorn off more than slop­pi­ness. Since your Capricorn part­ner also hap­pens to be very eco­nom­i­cal it might be best not to be too ex­trav­a­gant just to make them feel more com­fort­able.

GEMINI May 21-Jun 21 DO’S

Gemini are highly in­tel­lec­tual and ver­sa­tile peo­ple. They con­stantly need to be men­tally stim­u­lated so make sure you con­ver­sa­tion skills are kept high. Hu­mor and good com­mu­ni­ca­tion is a sure way to find a place in a Gemini’s heart. Tick­ets for a movie or bet­ter yet, a play, should be a nice way to start the evening off to­gether.


Sta­bil­ity might not be the most im­por­tant thing on their minds. Hold­ing a Gemini back is a sure way to lose them, since they crave new and ex­cit­ing changes. In­stead adapt­ing your­self to their needs is the best way to suc­ceed

LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 DO’S

Libra craves har­mony and bal­ance in their re­la­tion­ships. They are usu­ally beau­ti­ful and are won over by peo­ple who rec­og­nize this fact. So a few com­pli­ments are sure to set the mood just right and make it a mem­o­rable day for you.


Libra can some­times be ar­gu­men­ta­tive even though they are kind at heart. So avoid any road that could lead to an ar­gu­ment, keep things peace­ful through­out the day. Keep in mind that Li­brans need time to de­cide, so give them space and be pa­tient with them in all things.So, don’t hurry up and have a pleas­ant time with your beloved!

AQUARIUS Jan 22-Feb 19 DO’S

A nice con­ver­sa­tion on a pas­sion of your part­ner’s would be a great way to start things off. An­other good tip would be to re­veal a side of your­self that will take your part­ner by sur­prise, an in­ter­est your part­ner never knew you pos­sessed. For­tu­nately for you, Aquar­i­ans are ca­pa­ble of great love.


They love to fol­low their own in­stincts so learn to re­spect their de­ci­sions. So giv­ing into your part­ner’s wishes might not be such a bad thing if you re­ally want to get to know him or her a lit­tle bet­ter. Even if they seem a bit de­tached, don’t worry, that’s just the way they are.

CANCER Jun 22-Jul 22 DO’S

The Cancer’s chang­ing moods will need you to be at your most flex­i­ble. Be­ing moody and sen­si­tive is part of their na­ture. Cance­ri­ans love food by the way. So if you can cook them a great meal and throw in a healthy dose of po­etry and ro­mance, then you’re sure to reach their heart.

Cance­ri­ans are sen­si­tive and eas­ily hurt. So treat their emo­tions with care. Even inan­i­mate things can be­come emo­tion­ally bound to their hearts. Re­spect their tried and tested routes of ac­tion and thought. Per­haps re-liv­ing some experience you shared would be a great idea this V’day, for ex­am­ple, go­ing for din­ner to a fa­vorite restau­rant.


Scor­pios are full of pas­sion for life. They have tremen­dous drive for ev­ery­thing they do. They are loyal and grate­ful for any­thing good done for them. Tune into their wave­length if you want to en­joy their com­pany. So a good idea would be to ex­plore one of his/her hob­bies and watch as he/she show­ers their hap­pi­ness on you too.


Scorpio’s are pos­ses­sive. Avoid jeal­ousy at all costs. They are known to have an ex­plo­sive tem­per and keep their plans to them­selves. Don’t flirt around and han­dle them with care. in Spend­ing time with your part­ner might just re­mind you what at­tracted you to him/her.

PISCES Feb 20-Mar 20 DO’S

Be­ing artists at heart and born dream­ers, Pis­ceans love all forms of cul­ture and ex­pres­sion. So find­ing an in­ter­est­ing ex­hi­bi­tion that’s hap­pen­ing, tick­ets for a con­cert or a per­for­mance, or even a movie or play is sure to ex­cite them and turn the day into some­thing spe­cial.


Pis­cean’s by na­ture have very other-worldly am­bi­tions. Ma­te­ri­al­ism is not some­thing they pos­sess. The beauty of this trait is that the qual­ity of your day to­gether has noth­ing to do with money. If you can find some­thing that will stir their imag­i­na­tion, then you have done your part. Be­ing crea­tures of deep feel­ings, you will have to take care to treat their hearts with care.

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